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Bosch Universal Mixer and Compact Mixer
The Bosch Compact Mixer is the #1 selling food mixer in the world. We at Everything Kitchens find it to be a durable, high-performance mixer for smaller portions and for light- to medium-duty mixing, though we recommend the Bosch Universal Mixer for larger batches and for use as a bread mixer. We carry a wide selection of attachments and accessories for all Bosch Mixers: attachments like wire whips, blender jars, slicing discs, and more.

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Bosch Mixers

  1. Bosch Universal Plus 6 Qt Mixer With 800W Motor

    + FREE Bosch Dough Hook Extender ($9.99 Value)!

    Model: MUM6N10UC
    Our Price: $399.99
  2. Bosch Universal Plus 6 Quart Mixer with Blender Attachment

    Model: BOSCH-DEAL-2
    Our Price: $419.95
  3. Bosch Mixer Compact - 400 Watt

    Model: MUM4405
    Our Price: $199.99
  4. Bosch Styline Mixer (4 Qt) w/ Shredder Attachment

    Model: MUM51U10UC
    Our Price: $299.99
  5. Bosch Compact Mixer: Attachments and Accessories

    From: $9.99
  6. Bosch Universal Mixer Attachments and Accessories

    From: $5.99

Bosch Mixer Parts

  1. Bosch Universal Plus Cake Paddles

    Model: MUZ6KP1
    Our Price: $15.99
  2. Bosch Compact Disk Holder/Accessory Holder (461751)

    Model: 461751
    Our Price: $44.99
  3. Bosch Universal Plus Cake Paddles w/ Metal Whip Driver

    Model: MUZ6KP2
    Our Price: $27.99

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