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Breville Electric Juicers and Appliances
The Breville company was an early adopter to the concept of a wide-mouth juicer, allowing users to juice whole fruits and vegetables without nearly as much prep time. We at Everything Kitchens love the wide-mouth Breville Juicers, as do our customers. Breville's other appliances include coffee and espresso makers, hand mixers, toasters, and more.

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Breville Juicers

  1. Breville Juicer - Breville Juice Fountain Plus - JE98XL

    + Free Juice Alive Juicing Book and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead DVD!

    Model: JE98XL
    Our Price: $149.95
  2. Breville Juice Fountain Elite Juicer

    Free Juicing Book
    Free Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead DVD included!

    Model: 800JEXL
    Our Price: $299.95
  3. Breville Compact Juicer

    + Free Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead DVD included!

    Model: BJE200XL
    Our Price: $99.95
  4. Breville Duo Fountain Juicer

    + Free Juice Alive Juicing Book + Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead DVD included!

    Model: BJE820XL
    Our Price: $399.95
  5. Breville Ikon 5 Speed Juicer

    + Free Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead DVD included!

    Model: BJE510XL
    Our Price: $199.95
  6. Breville Citrus Juicer

    + Free Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead DVD included

    Model: 800CPXL
    Our Price: $199.99
  7. Breville Juice Fountain Crush - Masticating Slow Juicer

    + Free Juice Alive Juicing Book + Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead DVD included!

    Model: BJS600XL
    Our Price: $299.99

Breville Juicer Accessories and Parts

  1. Breville Compact Juice Jug With Lid

    Model: BJE200XL/18
    Our Price: $16.95
  2. Breville 800JEXL Micro Mesh Filter Replacement

    Model: BJE820XL/17
    Our Price: $64.00
  3. Breville 800JEXL Juice Jug with Froth Separator

    Model: 800JEXL/78
    Our Price: $35.99

Breville Toasters

  1. Breville Die-Cast 4 Slice Toaster

    Model: BTA840XL
    Our Price: $179.99
  2. Breville Die-Cast 2-Slice Toaster

    Model: BTA820XL
    Our Price: $129.99
  3. Breville 4 Slice Toaster - The Lift & Look Touch Toaster

    Model: BTA630XL
    Our Price: $79.99

Breville Coffee Makers & Coffee Grinders

  1. Breville Smart Grinder | All Colors

    Model: BREV-BCG800XL
    Our Price: $199.99

Breville Tea and Water Kettles

  1. Breville One Touch Tea Machine

    Model: BTM800XL
    Our Price: $249.99
  2. Breville Smart Kettle - Variable Temperature Water Kettle

    Model: BKE820XL
    Our Price: $129.99
  3. Breville 1.7 L Ikon Water Kettle

    Model: SK500XL
    Our Price: $79.99
  4. Breville Crystal Clear Water Kettle - 7 Cup Cordless Jug

    Model: BKE595XL
    Our Price: $99.95
  5. Breville Tea Kettle, Soft Top

    Model: BKE620XL-1A
    Our Price: $49.95

Breville Espresso/Cappuccino Machines

  1. Breville Replacement Charcoal Filters - 6 pk

    Model: BWF100
    Our Price: $29.99
  2. Breville BES900XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

    Model: BES900XL
    Our Price: $1,199.99
  3. Breville Infuser Espresso Maker | Choose a Color

    Model: BREV-BES840XL
    Our Price: $499.99
  4. Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine (Descalable)

    Model: BES920XL
    Our Price: $1,299.99

Breville Blenders

  1. Breville Die-Cast Hemisphere Blender (1000 watts)

    Model: 800BLXL
    Our Price: $299.99
  2. Breville Hemisphere Control Blender (48 oz) | All Colors

    Model: BREV-BBL605XL
    Our Price: $199.99

Breville Convection Ovens/ Toaster Ovens

  1. Breville Stainless Convection Toaster Oven

    FREE WITH PURCHASE: Breville BOV800CB Bamboo Cutting Board - Designed to fit on top of this Breville Toaster Oven (a $39.99 value)

    Model: BOV800XL
    Our Price: $249.99
  2. Breville Compact Toaster Oven - Smart Oven

    FREE WITH PURCHASE: Part # BOV650PP12 Breville 12" Pizza Pan for use with this item! Value - $19.99!

    Model: BOV650
    Our Price: $179.95
  3. Breville Quick Touch Smart Countertop Microwave

    Model: BMO734XL
    Our Price: $299.99
  4. Breville Mini Smart Oven

    Model: BOV450XL
    Our Price: $149.95

Breville Convection Oven Accessories

  1. Breville Bamboo Cutting Board - Fits BOV800XL

    Model: BOV800CB
    Our Price: $39.99
  2. Breville Compact Pizza Pan 12"

    Model: BOV650PP12
    Our Price: $19.99
  3. Breville 13 Inch Pizza Stone - GB - Fits BOV800XL

    Model: BOV800PS13
    Our Price: $29.99
  4. Breville 11" Pizza Pan Non Stick

    Model: BOV450PP11
    Our Price: $19.99
  5. Breville Pizza Crisper - Fits BOV800XL

    Model: BOV800PC13
    Our Price: $19.99
  6. Breville Bamboo Cutting Board -Compact

    Model: BOV650CB
    Our Price: $29.99
  7. Breville 13 Inch Pizza Pan - Fits BOV800XL

    Model: BOV800PP13
    Our Price: $19.99

Breville Stand Mixers

  1. Breville Mixer - 5 Quart Die-Cast Stand Mixer

    Model: BEM800XL
    Our Price: $299.99
  2. Breville Scraper Mix Pro Stand Mixer | All Colors

    Model: BREV-BEM800XL
    Our Price: $299.00

Breville Mixer Attachments

Breville Bread Makers

  1. Breville Bread Maker The Custom Loaf

    Model: BBM800XL
    Our Price: $249.99

Breville Slow Cookers

  1. Breville Fast-Slow Cooker - 6 Quart

    Model: BPR600XL
    Our Price: $179.99
  2. Breville Slow Cooker, Stainless Steel, 7.5 Quart

    Model: BSC560XL
    Our Price: $129.99

Breville Panini Grills

  1. Breville Electric Griddle and Grill, Smart Grill

    Model: BGR820
    Our Price: $299.99
  2. Breville Panini Press, Stainless Steel

    Model: BSG520XL
    Our Price: $69.99
  3. Breville Smart Grill Ribbed Plate - Replacement

    Model: BGR820RP
    Our Price: $54.95
  4. Breville Smart Grill Flat Plate - Replacement

    Model: BGR820FP
    Our Price: $54.95

Breville Immersion Blenders

  1. Breville Hand Blender, Control Grip Stick Blender, Black & Chrome


    Model: BSB510XL
    Our Price: $99.99

Breville Other Small Appliances

  1. Breville Sous Chef 16-Cup Food Processor - Stainless Steel


    Model: BFP800XL
    Our Price: $399.99
  2. Breville Ice Cream Machine - The Smart Scoop

    Model: BCI600XL
    Our Price: $399.99
  3. Breville Hot Wok Non-Stick Electric Wok

    Model: BEW600XL
    Our Price: $129.99
  4. Breville The Personal Pie Piemaker

    Model: BPI640XL
    Our Price: $79.99
  5. Breville Thermal Pro Electric Banquet Skillet

    Model: BEF450XL
    Our Price: $129.99
  6. Breville Handy Mix Digital - 16 Speed

    Model: BHM500XL-1A
    Our Price: $79.99

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