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Breville Electric Juicers and Appliances
The Breville company was an early adopter to the concept of a wide-mouth juicer, allowing users to juice whole fruits and vegetables without nearly as much prep time. We at Everything Kitchens love the wide-mouth Breville Juicers, as do our customers. Breville's other appliances include coffee and espresso makers, hand mixers, toasters, and more.

Grid List

  1. Breville Ice Cream Machine - The Smart Scoop

    Model: BCI600XL
    Our Price: $399.99
  2. Breville Handy Mix Digital - 16 Speed

    Model: BHM500XL-1A
    Our Price: $79.99
  3. Breville Hot Wok Non-Stick Electric Wok

    Model: BEW600XL
    Our Price: $129.99
  4. Breville Thermal Pro Electric Banquet Skillet

    Model: BEF450XL
    Our Price: $129.99
  5. Breville The Personal Pie Piemaker

    Model: BPI640XL
    Our Price: $79.99

Grid List