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Bunn Commercial Airpot Coffee Brewers
Airpot brewers from Bunn Commercial brew hot, gourmet coffee directly into a Bunn Airpot. These special Bunn carafes can then dispense single cups (4 oz) of fresh coffee with the press of a button. Bunn Airpots keep between 64 and 100 ounces of coffee hot for hours on end; coffee capacity varies by model.

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  1. Bunn Commercial SS Airpot Brewer CW15-APS - 120V W/ Plastic Funnel

    Model: 23001-0000
    Our Price: $369.95
  2. Bunn Commercial Airpot Brewer CWT15-APS - 120V Plastic Funnel - SS

    Model: 23001-0003
    Our Price: $529.95
  3. Bunn Airpot Brewer CWTF35-APS - Dual Volt W/ SS Funnel - Hot Water

    Model: 23001-0023
    Our Price: $624.95
  4. Bunn Commercial Airpot Brewer CWTF20-APS 120V W/ Plastic Funnel

    Model: 23001-0007
    Our Price: $599.95
  5. Bunn Commercial Airpot Brewer CW15-APS 120V - Gourmet Funnel - SS

    Model: 23001-0062
    Our Price: $395.95

Grid List