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Chantal Copper Cookware and Ceramic Bakeware
Chantal has been recognized for its innovative, dynamic, and unique designs for all types of cookware and ceramic bakeware. From Chantal's Copper Fusion Cookware to its tea kettles, bakeware, and fondue Sets, Chantal has set itself apart from the competition with its handsome and innovative kitchen products.

What Makes Copper Fusion So Great?

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Chantal Copper Cookware

  1. Chantal Cookware Sets: Copper Fusion 7-Piece

    Model: 80-7-ME-1A
    Our Price: $559.99
  2. Chantal Cookware: 9-Piece Copper Fusion Cookware Sets

    Model: 80-9-RE-1A
    Our Price: $749.99
  3. Chantal Cookware: Copper Fusion 8-Inch Chantal Fry Pans

    Model: 863-20-RE-1A
    Our Price: $110.00
  4. Chantal Copper Fusion Cookware: 10-Inch Chantal Fry Pans

    Model: 863-24-RE-1A
    Our Price: $150.00
  5. Chantal Cookware: Copper Fusion 11-Inch Fry Pans

    Model: 863-28-RE-1A
    Our Price: $175.00
  6. Chantal Cookware: 1 Qt Chantal Copper Fusion Reduction Pans

    Model: 835-14-ME-1A
    Our Price: $120.00
  7. Chantal Copper Fusion Cookware: 1.7 Qt Chantal Sauce Pans w/ Lids

    Model: 835-162-ME-1A
    Our Price: $170.00
  8. Chantal Cookware: Copper Fusion 3 Qt Sauce Pans w/ Lids

    Model: 835-200-ME-1A
    Our Price: $200.00
  9. Chantal Cookware: Copper Fusion 11.5-Inch Chef's Pans w/ Lids

    Model: 825-300-ME-1A
    Our Price: $220.00
  10. Chantal Cookware: Copper Fusion 4 Qt Risotto Pots w/ Lids

    Model: 832-200-RE-1A
    Our Price: $220.00
  11. Chantal Copper Fusion Cookware: 6 Qt Chantal Casserole Pots w/ Lids

    Model: 832-240-RE-1A
    Our Price: $260.00
  12. Chantal Cookware: Copper Fusion 8 Qt Stock Pots w/ Lids

    Model: 833-240-RE-1A
    Our Price: $290.00
  13. Chantal Copper Fusion Lid 17 cm for 835-162

    Model: XLID17CF
    Our Price: $24.00
  14. Chantal Copper Fusion Lid 20 cm for 835-200, 863-20

    Model: XLIDCF21
    Our Price: $28.00
  15. Chantal Copper Fusion Lid 28 cm for 825-300, 834-260, 863-28

    Model: XLID29CF
    Our Price: $34.00

Chantal Tea Kettles

  1. Chantal Memory Tea Kettle 2 Qt - Alzheimer's Association Purple

    Alzheimer's Association Special Item

    Model: 37-MEM PD
    Our Price: $39.99
  2. Chantal Loop Tea Kettle Enamel On Steel - 1.8qt.

    Model: 37-NLOOP-1A
    Our Price: $60.00
  3. Chantal Loop Tea Kettles-1.8 Quart

    Model: SL37-LOOP-1A
    Our Price: $49.99
  4. Chantal Tea Kettle 52 oz. EKettle

    Model: EL37-01-BI-1A
    Our Price: $79.99
  5. Chantal Tea Kettles Classic in Metal Finishes-1.8 Quart

    Model: SL37-19-1A
    Our Price: $160.00
  6. Chantal Tea Kettles Classic in Enamel-on-Steel -1.8 Quart

    Model: 37-18S-ME-1A
    Our Price: $99.99
  7. Chantal Tea Kettles 40th Anniversary Edition-2 Quart

    Model: 37-ANN-RE-1A
    Our Price: $39.99

Chantal Bakeware

  1. Chantal Bakeware Ceramic 1 Cup Individual Ramekins Set Of 4

    Model: 93-RM08SR/4-1A
    Our Price: $32.00
  2. Chantal Bakeware: 2.5 Qt Ceramic Ring Batter Bowl

    Model: 90-17BAT-R-1A
    Our Price: $40.00
  3. Chantal Bakeware Ceramic Square Baker 2.25 Qt. All Colors - Set Of 2

    Model: 93A-SQ20T/2 RR-1A
    Our Price: $80.00 ON SALE: $60.00
  4. Chantal Bakeware Ceramic Classic Oval Baker 4.5 Qt. - Set Of 2

    Model: 93A-OV36T/2-1A
    Our Price: $120.00
  5. Chantal Bakeware Ceramic Small Oval Baker 2.25 Qt. - Set Of 2

    Model: 93A-OV26T/2-1A
    Our Price: $90.00
  6. Chantal Bakeware Ceramic Rectangular Bakers 2.25 Qt. - Set Of 2

    Model: 93A-RT26T/2-1A
    Our Price: $90.00 ON SALE: $60.00
  7. Chantal Bakeware Baker 4.5 Qt. Classic Rectangular - Set Of 2

    Model: 93A-RT33T/2-1A
    Our Price: $120.00 ON SALE: $80.00
  8. Chantal Bakeware: 3-Piece Ceramic Ring Bowl Sets

    Model: 90-3N-R-BI-1A
    Our Price: $50.00
  9. Chantal Bakeware: Classic Mini Pie Dishes (Ceramic) Set of 4, 5" Diameter

    Model: 93-PD13/4 WT-1A
    Our Price: $60.00 ON SALE: $39.96
  10. Chantal Bakeware: Set of 2 Ceramic Pie Dishes, 9"

    Model: 93-PD23/2 BI-1A
    Our Price: $56.00 ON SALE: $40.00
  11. Chantal Bakeware: Set of 2 Ceramic Deep Dish Pie Pan, 9.5"

    Model: 93-PDD24/2 BI-1A
    Our Price: $56.00 ON SALE: $40.00
  12. Chantal Easy as Pie 9" Pans Set of Two

    Model: 93-PDE23/2 BI-1A
    Our Price: $56.00 ON SALE: $40.00
  13. Chantal Ceramic Bakeware Classic Loaf Pan - Large - Set of 2

    Model: 93A-LF22/2 BI-1A
    Our Price: $60.00 ON SALE: $40.00
  14. Chantal Make and Take Square Baker Dish 8X8

    Model: 93-MT20-1A
    Our Price: $39.99
  15. Chantal 3 Cup Make and Take Covered Casserole Dish Set of 2

    Model: 93-MT 15/2-1A
    Our Price: $40.00

Chantal Fondue Pots and Accessories

  1. Chantal Fondue Burner Paste - 3 Pack

    Model: YBP-3
    Our Price: $8.50

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