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Green is not just a color at Chantal. More than 15 years ago in 1991, Chantal became a charter member of the Houston corporate recycling council. Chantal Corporation is passionate about making products for healthy cooking without compromising the state of our planet's ecosystem. By encouraging waste reduction and energy conservation, Chantal continues to reduce their carbon footprint every step of the way.

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  1. Chantal Tea Kettle Classic in Stainless Steel-1.8 Quart

    Model: SL37-19
    Our Price: $99.99
  2. Chantal Tea Kettles Classic in Metal Finishes-1.8 Quart

    Model: SL37-19-1A
    Our Price: $160.00
  3. Chantal Tea Kettle 52 oz. EKettle

    Model: EL37-01-BI-1A
    Our Price: $79.99

Grid List