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Charles Viancin
Charles Viancin's silicone suction lids take a cue from nature for their organic and bucolic designs. Each of these food covers and utility kitchenware products is BPA free and safe for temperatures up to 450° in the oven, microwave, or on the stove. Drastically reduce the need for Tupperware, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil by using Charles Viancin reusable lids on your baking dishes and cookware before transferring to the fridge for storage, or before transporting to an outing or get-together.

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Charles Viancin Silicone Lids

  1. Charles Viancin Lilypad Silicone Lid Set - 4 PC

    Model: CV-1099
    Our Price: $34.99
  2. Charles Viancin Cherry Blossom Silicone Lids - Multiple Sizes Available

    Model: CV-cherryblossom-1A
    Our Price: $7.99
  3. Charles Viancin Snowflake Silicone Lid Large

    Model: CV-2701
    Our Price: $12.99
  4. Charles Viancin Sunflower Silicone Lids - Multiple Sizes Available

    Our Price: $8.99
  5. Charles Viancin Snowflake Silicone Lid Multiple Sizes Available

    Our Price: $7.99
  6. Charles Viancin Winterberry Silicone Lids - Available in Multiple Sizes

    Our Price: $8.99

Charles Viancin Kitchenware

  1. Charles Viancin Lilypad Tea Infuser Mug Set

    Model: CV-1050
    Our Price: $20.99

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