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Dualit Toasters and Appliances
Dualit toasters can turn out hundreds of crisp, golden slices of toasted bread per hour. Dualit Toasters are gleaming, sturdy, and tough as old boots—as much a part of British life as toast itself. Today Dualit toasters are recognized as among the best in the world: part of a range of hard-working products designed to a standard that remains unsurpassed. Dualit has expanded its line to include a few specialty appliances, including hand mixers and immersion blenders.

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Dualit Convection Ovens/ Toaster Ovens

  1. Dualit Professional Mini Oven

    Model: 89220
    Our Price: $249.94

Dualit Toasters and Toaster Accessories

  1. Dualit Sandwich Cage

    Model: 00499
    Our Price: $19.99
  2. Dualit Lite Chunky 4 Slice Toaster Black

    Model: 46245
    Our Price: $139.99
  3. Dualit Lite Soft Touch 2 Slice Toaster Black

    Model: 25375
    Our Price: $89.99
  4. Dualit Warming Rack

    Model: 01738
    Our Price: $19.99
  5. Dualit NewGen 4-Slice Toasters in Fashion Colors

    Model: 47166-1A
    Our Price: $319.99
  6. Dualit Classic 4 Slice Toaster

    Model: 40415-1A
    Our Price: $339.99
  7. Dualit NewGen Classic 2-Slice Toaster

    Model: 20293-1A
    Our Price: $259.99

Dualit Immersion Blenders

  1. Dualit Immersion Blender with Accessories - Chrome

    Model: 88880
    Our Price: $129.99
  2. Dualit Immersion Hand Blender

    Model: 88860
    Our Price: $79.99

Dualit Hand Mixers

  1. Dualit Hand Mixer Chrome

    Model: 88520
    Our Price: $89.99

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