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Euro Cuisine Yogurt-Making Supplies
Euro Cuisine's yogurt machines and yogurt accessories allow those with a DIY spirit to make simple homemade yogurt on a budget. Euro Cuisine's yogurt makers include an auto-shutoff feature once the unit has finished cooking the yogurt (certain models only), and the multiple-jar configuration allows the making of several different flavors of yogurt in each batch.

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Euro Cuisine Yogurt Makers

  1. Euro Cuisine Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker (42 Oz)

    Model: YMX650
    Our Price: $49.99

Euro Cuisine Yogurt-making Accessories

  1. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Flavor Mix Packets (3pk): Raspberry

    Model: NF4030
    Our Price: $8.50
  2. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Starter Kit

    Model: RI52
    Our Price: $7.00
  3. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Flavor Mix Packets (3pk): Strawberry

    Model: NF4020
    Our Price: $8.50
  4. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Flavor Mix Packets (3pk): Vanilla

    Model: NF4010
    Our Price: $8.50
  5. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Jars 8 Piece Set

    Model: GY1920
    Our Price: $19.99
  6. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Flavor Mix Packets (3pk): Peach

    Model: NF4040
    Our Price: $8.50
  7. Euro Cuisine Stainless Steel Steam Juicer

    Model: EC9500
    Our Price: $99.95
  8. Euro Cuisine 2 Quart Glass Yogurt Jar

    Model: GY85
    Our Price: $15.99

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