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Flashingboards Rewritable Ad Signs
Custom LED Sign Boards are a perfect way to advertise your company's specials or coming events. Simply write directly on the hard, abrasion-resistant surface with the special fluorescent ink markers to produce a flashing neon glow. Display these versatile electric LED sign boards on an easel or hang them on a wall, then wipe them clean with a cloth when you are ready for a new message. Available accessories include an easel for display, markers, and a rechargeable battery for remote use.

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Flashingboards LED Sign Boards

  1. Flashing Board 17" x 17" Frameless BFBA1717

    Model: BFBA1717
    Our Price: $89.99
  2. Flashing Board Neon Sign Board 12" x 10" BFCA1210

    Model: BFCA1210
    Our Price: $59.99
  3. LED Sign Board 14" x 12" Frameless BFBA1412

    Model: BFBA1412
    Our Price: $74.99
  4. Flashing Boards - Neon Sign Board 23" x 18" BFCA2318

    Model: BFCA2318
    Our Price: $109.99
  5. Flashing Board Neon Sign Board 32" x 24" Frameless BFBA3224

    Model: BFBA3224
    Our Price: $138.99
  6. Flashing Board LED Sign Board 27" x 23" BFCA2723

    Model: BFCA2723
    Our Price: $129.95
  7. LED Sign Board 24" x 19" Frameless BFBA2419

    Model: BFBA2419
    Our Price: $112.99

Flashingboards LED Sign Board Accessories

  1. Flashing Boards Fluorescent Marker Pen

    Model: PFB2
    Our Price: $17.95
  2. Flashing Board Mobile Rechargeable Battery

    Model: BFA
    Our Price: $50.99
  3. Flashing Sign Triangular Easel

    Model: TFA2
    Our Price: $42.99

Grid List

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