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Ginsu Knife Block Sets
Always-Sharp™ Ginsu knife blades are made of high-quality Japanese steel and seldom need sharpening. Ginsu knives are dishwasher safe and carry a limited-lifetime guarantee. Double-serrated stainless-steel blades ensure a perfect cut every time. Ginsu cutlery sets use textured, no-slip polypropylene handles to promote a safe and sure grip. Ginsu's knife handles are permanently bonded to the blade for lasting durability. Each Ginsu set includes a matching knife block. For right- or left-handed use.

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Ginsu Cutlery Knife Sets

  1. Ginsu Chikara Signatures Series Cutlery Set - 12 Piece

    Model: 07132
    Our Price: $109.99
  2. Ginsu Koden Cutlery Knives - 14 Piece Black Block Set

    Model: 05253
    Our Price: $64.99
  3. Ginsu Koden Cutlery Knives - 5 Piece Black Block Set

    Model: 05255
    Our Price: $29.99

Grid List

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