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Ice-O-Matic Commercial Ice Makers and Bins
Ice-O-Matic knows ice—"It's all we do," says the company's Website. Ice-O-Matic ice machines and commercial ice bins can be seen in restaurants and hotels across the country. This is because Ice-O-Matic automatic ice makers use special filters to provide clear, clean, pure-tasting ice cubes available in either full-cube or half-cube shapes. Everything Kitchens carries a wide selection of both modular and undercounter Ice-O-Matic machines, as well as bins to hold the cubes.

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Ice O Matic Ice Dispenser

  1. Ice O Matic Ice Dispenser, 22 Inch Wide

    Model: CD40022
    Our Price: $2,399.00
  2. Ice O Matic Ice Dispenser, 30 & 1/4 Inch Wide

    Model: CD40030
    Our Price: $2,804.00

Ice O Matic Ice Machines

  1. Ice O Matic ICE0320 Commercial Ice Maker: 334-349 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICE0320-1A
    Our Price: $2,241.00
  2. Ice O Matic ICE0500 Commercial Ice Maker: 596 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICE0500-1A
    Our Price: $2,540.00
  3. Ice O Matic MFI0800 Flake-Ice Machine: 768-859 Pounds/Day

    Model: MFI0800-1A
    Our Price: $3,799.00
  4. Ice O Matic ICE0606 Commercial Ice Maker: 652 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICE0606-1A
    Our Price: $2,895.00
  5. Ice-O-Matic Undercounter Ice Maker, 15" Wide

    Model: ICEU070A
    Our Price: $1,892.00
  6. Ice O Matic ICE0400 Commercial Ice Makers: 496-505 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICE0400-1A
    Our Price: $2,359.00
  7. Ice O Matic ICEU150 Undercounter Ice Maker: 174 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICEU150-1A
    Our Price: $1,939.00
  8. Ice O Matic ICE0406 Commercial Ice Maker: 523-529 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICE0406-1A
    Our Price: $2,380.00
  9. Ice O Matic ICE0806 Commercial Ice Maker: 897 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICE0806-1A
    Our Price: $3,637.00
  10. Ice O Matic ICE1406 Commercial Ice Maker: up to 1,466 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICE1406-1A
    Our Price: $4,670.00
  11. Ice O Matic ICEU226 Undercounter Ice Maker: 232 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICEU226-1A
    Our Price: $2,321.00
  12. Ice O Matic ICE0250 Commercial Ice Maker: 336-353 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICE0250-1A
    Our Price: $2,139.00
  13. Ice O Matic ICEU220 Undercounter Ice Maker: 251 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICEU220-1A
    Our Price: $2,184.00
  14. Ice O Matic ICEU300 Undercounter Ice Maker: 309-356 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICEU300-1A
    Our Price: $2,547.00
  15. Ice O Matic ICE1006 Commercial Ice Maker: 960-1,010 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICE1006-1A
    Our Price: $4,199.00
  16. Ice O Matic ICE0520 Commercial Ice Maker: 520-527 Pounds/Day

    Model: ICE0520-1A
    Our Price: $2,372.00

Ice O Matic Ice Bins

  1. Ice O Matic Ice Machine Bin B100 - 854lbs of Storage 48" Wide

    Model: B100PS
    Our Price: $1,260.00

Ice O Matic Accessories

  1. Ice O Matic KBT19 Storage Bin Adapter

    Model: KBT19
    Our Price: $158.00

Ice O Matic Filters

  1. Ice O Matic Ice Water Filter, Dual Filter

    Model: IFQ2
    Our Price: $440.00
  2. Ice O Matic Ice Water Filter, Single Filter

    Model: IFQ1
    Our Price: $187.00

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