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Everything Kitchens carries a wide range of quality electric and manual juicers ranging in style from horizontal- and vertical-masticating juicers to centrifugal models. We also carry special citrus juicers and low-RPM/low-heat units for preserving the maximum nutritional content of delicate foods like wheatgrass and kale. In this index you'll find juice-extracting appliances from brands like Kuvings, Hurom, Tribest Green Star, Champion, Omega, MetroKane, and more.

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  1. Tribest Z-Star Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

    Our Price: $98.95
  2. Acme Juicerator Juice Extractor by Waring Pro

    + Free Cookbook With Purchase - A $14.95 Value!

    Model: 6001
    Our Price: $189.95
  3. Focus Commercial Juice Press - Jupiter (Large) - White

    Model: 97332
    Our Price: $124.99
  4. RSVP International Hand Held Citrus Juicer

    Model: SOUR
    Our Price: $39.95
  5. Omega Professional Citrus Juicer - Chrome C-20C

    Model: OMC20C
    Our Price: $349.95
  6. Miracle Commercial Juicer MJ800

    Model: MJ800
    Our Price: $2,295.95
  7. Sunkist Commercial Citrus Juicer J1

    Model: SUNKIST-J-1
    Our Price: $612.99
  8. Hurom Slow Juicer with Cookbook - HU-100B Black

    Model: HRM0021
    Our Price: $359.00 ON SALE: $299.95
  9. Tribest Green Star Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juicer

    Model: GSE-5000
    ON SALE IN CART: $549.95
    On Sale: To View Sale Price You can review your order before it's final.
  10. Tribest Green Star Juice Extractor

    Model: GS-3000
    ON SALE IN CART: $499.99
    On Sale: To View Sale Price You can review your order before it's final.
  11. Tribest Green Star Green Power Gold

    Model: GP-E1503
    ON SALE IN CART: $599.00
    On Sale: To View Sale Price You can review your order before it's final.
  12. Delonghi Juice Extractor DJE950

    Model: DJE950
    Our Price: $199.95
  13. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

    Model: CJE-1000
    Our Price: $149.00
  14. Waring Commercial Special Citrus Reamer

    Model: CAC76
    Our Price: $39.00
  15. Omega Mega Mouth Commercial Juicer - Chrome

    Model: BMJ390
    Our Price: $199.95
  16. Breville 800JEXL Micro Mesh Filter Replacement

    Model: BJE820XL/17
    Our Price: $64.00
  17. Weston Stainless-steel Wheatgrass Juicer

    Model: 36-3801-W
    Our Price: $84.95
  18. Weston Cast-Iron Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

    Model: 36-3701-W
    Our Price: $49.95
  19. MetroKane Mighty OJ White Juicer

    Model: 3502
    Our Price: $44.95
  20. Krups Citrus Juicer, Manual or Automatic

    Model: ZX7000
    ON SALE IN CART: $149.99
    On Sale: To View Sale Price You can review your order before it's final.
  21. Kuvings Professional Juicer (Centrifugal Juicer) - Orange

    Model: NJ-9310U
    Our Price: $119.99
  22. Breville Compact Juice Jug With Lid

    Model: BJE200XL/18
    Our Price: $16.95
  23. Waring Commercial Pack of 200 Filters for 6001C

    Model: CAC66
    Our Price: $19.00
  24. Waring Commercial Compact Citrus Bar Juicer

    Model: BJ120C
    Our Price: $159.00
  25. Citrus Attachment Acme Juicerator Juicers

    Model: 8001
    Our Price: $89.95
  26. Omega Juicer Model 02 - Pulp Ejection

    Our Price: $89.95
  27. Waring Pro Citrus Juicer (White)

    Model: PCJ201
    Our Price: $89.95
  28. Joseph Joseph Catcher Citrus Reamer Juicer - Green

    Model: REAG0100AS
    Our Price: $8.99
  29. Trudeau 0978028 Citrus Reamer and Glass Rimmer Bar Tool

    Model: 0978028
    Our Price: $9.99
  30. Breville Duo Fountain Juicer

    + Free Juice Alive Juicing Book + Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead DVD included!

    Model: BJE820XL
    Our Price: $399.99
  31. Miracle Wheatgrass Electric Juicers

    From: $199.99
  32. Omega 8003 & 8005 Single-Gear Wheatgrass Juicers

    Model: OMEGA-J-8003-05
    From: $229.95
  33. Cuisinart CJE-500 Compact Juice Extractor

    Model: CJE-500
    Our Price: $99.95
  34. Miracle MJ-550SS Wheatgrass Juicer - Stainless Steel

    Model: MJ-550SS
    Our Price: $349.95
  35. Gefu Lemon Juicer

    Model: 12485
    Our Price: $12.95
  36. Champion Juicer Commercial International Model - White

    Model: CH-220V
    Our Price: $279.99
  37. Champion Juicer Grain Mill Attachment

    Model: CH-GMA
    Our Price: $79.99
  38. Cuisinart Mixer Attachment : Citrus Juicer

    Model: SM-CJ
    Our Price: $39.95
  39. Ankarsrum Citrus Juicer Attachment

    Model: AK-1207
    Our Price: $42.95
  40. Bosch Compact Citrus Juicer

    Model: MUZ4ZP1
    Our Price: $23.99
  41. Bosch Citrus Juicer

    Model: MUZ6ZP1
    Our Price: $26.99
  42. Tribest Citristar Citrus Juicer / Orange Juicer

    Model: CS-1000
    Our Price: $55.99
  43. Weston Wine and Fruit Press

    Model: 05-0101
    Our Price: $279.99
  44. KitchenAid Citrus Juicer Attachment

    Our Price: $24.99

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