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Kyocera Ceramic Cutlery and Kitchen Tools
Kyocery Advanced Ceramics produces a variety of knives and cutting tools which are, according to the company, sharper than steel. Kyocera ceramic knives and kitchen prep tools may be used in any instance where a traditional stainless-steel would be used: slicing tomatoes, peeling carrots, dicing onions, and chopping arugula, for example. Kyocera knives are available individually or in a handsome knife block set. Ceramic knives from Kyocera come with a lifetime warranty which includes lifetime sharpening.

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  1. Kyocera Perfect Peeler - Red Ceramic Peeler

    Model: CP-20 RD
    Our Price: $14.95
  2. Kyocera Black Adjustable Mandolin Slicer

    Model: CSN-202-BK
    Our Price: $24.95
  3. Kyocera Everything Peeler - Red Ceramic Peeler

    Model: CP-09 RD
    Our Price: $9.95
  4. Kyocera Red Adjustable Mandolin Slicer

    Model: CSN-202-RD
    Our Price: $24.95
  5. Kyocera Ceramic Vegetable Peeler - Black

    Model: CP-10NBK
    Our Price: $9.95
  6. Kyocera Ceramic Vegetable Peeler - Red

    Model: CP-10NRD
    Our Price: $9.95
  7. Kyocera Everything Peeler - Black Ceramic Peeler

    Model: CP-09 BK
    Our Price: $9.95
  8. Kyocera Vegetable Tools Kitchen Prep Set (SETSALADBK)

    Our Price: $59.95
  9. Kyocera Perfect Peeler - Black Ceramic Peeler

    Model: CP-20 BK
    Our Price: $14.95
  10. Kyocera Wide Julienne Slicer - Black

    Model: CSN-182S-NBK
    Our Price: $24.95
  11. Kyocera Wide Julienne Slicer - Red

    Model: CSN-182S-NRD
    Our Price: $24.95

Grid List

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