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Paderno-World Cuisine Kitchen Instruments
Paderno's 90-year history and worldwide presence make it an international colossus among the culinary market. Founded in 1925, the Paderno company specialized in producing quality aluminum pots and pans for the home. From these humble beginnings, Paderno-World Cuisine has become a leading international brand in the manufacturing and sales of professional cookware and kitchen items for the restaurant and hospitality industries, as well as those for the household.

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  1. Paderno Plain & Fluted Dual Pastry Wheel, Stainless Steel

    Model: 48278-39
    Our Price: $19.53
  2. Paderno Buttercream Comb Set, Stainless Steel

    Model: 47625-03
    Our Price: $28.35
  3. Paderno Adjustable Wire Cake Slicer

    Model: 47031-44
    Our Price: $25.00
  4. Paderno Plastic Cake Decorating Comb (Single)

    Model: 47621-07
    Our Price: $11.66

Grid List