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Weston (Roma) Meat Processors and Pasta Makers
For those who appreciate the value of good nutrition and the taste of homemade, Weston Products (formerly PragoTrade) manufactures kitchen appliances and tools to help anyone take a healthy, back-to-basics approach to their meal planning: from processing to preparing and preserving. Weston-Roma makes the right equipment to turn your game meats, your harvest, or your bulk purchases into good nutrition.

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Weston Deli Slicers

  1. Weston 9-Inch Professional Food Slicer

    Model: 61-0901-W
    Our Price: $127.99
  2. Weston 7.5" Meat Slicer

    Model: 83-0750-W
    Our Price: $82.95

Weston Grain Mill

  1. Weston Stainless-Steel Food Mill

    Model: 61-0101-W
    Our Price: $26.99
  2. Weston Manual Multi-Grain Cereal Mill

    Model: 36-3601-W
    Our Price: $49.95
  3. Weston Manual Multi-seed Mini Grinder

    Model: 77-0001-W
    Our Price: $21.99

Weston Pasta Makers

  1. Roma by Weston Express Electric Pasta Machine

    Model: 01-0601-W
    Our Price: $149.95
  2. Roma by Weston Express Manual Pasta Machine

    Model: 01-0201
    Our Price: $32.99
  3. Roma by Weston Tube Pasta Machine - Manual

    Model: 01-0701-W
    Our Price: $62.99

Weston Pasta Maker Accessories

  1. Wood Pasta-Drying Rack

    Model: 53-0201
    Our Price: $10.95
  2. Roma by Weston Manual Pasta Maker Round Linguini Attachment

    Model: 01-0204
    Our Price: $17.49
  3. Roma by Weston Dual-Purpose Electric Motor

    Model: 01-0101
    Our Price: $59.99
  4. Roma by Weston Manual Pasta Maker Lasagna Attachment 50mm

    Model: 01-0206
    Our Price: $15.95
  5. Roma by Weston Manual Pasta Machine Ravioli Attachment

    Model: 01-0209
    Our Price: $16.95
  6. Weston Manual Pasta Maker 1mm Round Angel Hair Attachment

    Model: 01-0202
    Our Price: $14.49

Weston Dehydrators

  1. Weston Food Dehydrator Netting Roll

    Model: 78-0201-W
    Our Price: $11.99
  2. Weston Stainless-steel Food Dehydrator: 10 Tray

    Model: 74-1001-W
    Our Price: $269.99
  3. Weston Vegi-Kiln Food Dehydrator: 10-Tray

    Model: 75-0201-W
    Our Price: $146.99
  4. Weston 4-Tier Food Dehydrator

    Model: 75-0601-W
    Our Price: $72.99
  5. Weston Vegi-Kiln Food Dehydrator: 6-Tray

    Model: 75-0301-W
    Our Price: $118.99

Weston Meat Grinders

  1. Weston Electric Home Meat Grinder and Sauce Maker

    Model: 82-0102-W
    Our Price: $104.95
  2. Weston #10 Tinned Manual Meat Grinder with C-Clamp

    Model: 36-1001-W
    Our Price: $26.99
  3. Weston Deluxe #8 Tinned Manual Meat Grinder with C-Clamp Mount

    Model: 36-0801-W
    Our Price: $23.99
  4. Weston Stainless-steel Meat Mixer 20 LB

    Model: 36-1901-W
    Our Price: $123.99
  5. Weston #8 Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Grinder

    Model: 33-0201-W
    Our Price: $107.99
  6. Weston #32 Tinned Hand Meat Grinder

    Model: 36-3201-W
    Our Price: $72.99
  7. Weston Deluxe #22 Tinned Manual Meat Grinder

    Model: 36-2201-W
    Our Price: $59.99
  8. Weston #5 Home Stuffer Sausage and Meat Grinder

    Model: 82-0103-W
    Our Price: $98.95
  9. Weston Stainless-steel Meat Mixer, 44lb

    Model: 36-2001-W
    Our Price: $239.99

Weston Jerky Slicers and Meat Tenderizers

  1. Weston Manual Meat Cuber/Meat Tenderizer

    Model: 07-3101-WA
    Our Price: $124.95
  2. Weston Manual Jerky Slicer, Single Support

    Model: 07-3801-W
    Our Price: $110.95

Weston Sausage Stuffers

  1. Weston Tinned Manual Sausage Stuffer 3lb

    Model: 36-0003-W
    Our Price: $62.99
  2. Weston Tinned Manual Sausage Stuffers 5lb

    Model: 36-5005-W
    Our Price: $79.95
  3. Weston Stainless-steel Sausage Stuffer: Manual, 5lb

    Model: 36-0005-W
    Our Price: $119.99

Weston Jerky Making Accessories/Jerky Seasoning

  1. Weston Original Jerky-Making Gun

    Model: 37-0111-W
    Our Price: $36.99
  2. Weston Original Jerky-Making Gun Jr.

    Model: 37-0211-W
    Our Price: $27.95

Weston Meat Smokers

  1. Weston 48-Inch Vertical Propane Smoker

    Model: 41-0401-W
    Our Price: $415.95
  2. Weston 36-Inch Outdoor Vertical Propane Meat Smoker

    Model: 41-0301-W
    Our Price: $319.99
  3. Weston 30-Inch Vertical Propane Meat Smoker

    Model: 41-0701-W
    Our Price: $224.99

Weston Cutlery

  1. Weston Game Processing Kit - 10-Piece Set

    Model: 83-7001-W
    Our Price: $24.99

Weston Burger Patty Makers

  1. Weston Non-Stick Burger Express

    Model: 07-0310-W
    Our Price: $21.99
  2. Weston Burger-press Dry Waxed Paper: 1,000 Sheets

    Model: 10-0102-W
    Our Price: $13.95
  3. Weston Automatic Rapid Universal Patty Maker Attachment

    Model: 07-0901-W
    Our Price: $57.99
  4. Weston Non-Stick Double Burger Press

    Model: 07-0701
    Our Price: $34.99
  5. Weston Single Burger Press

    Model: 07-0301
    Our Price: $18.79
  6. Weston Sliderz 5-slot Mini Burger Press and Cooker

    Model: 83-2012-W
    Our Price: $19.99
  7. Weston Three Sliderz Mini Burger Press

    Model: 83-2011-W
    Our Price: $17.99

Weston Food Strainers & Presses

  1. Weston Fruit Crusher

    Model: 05-0201
    Our Price: $199.99
  2. Weston Apple and Fruit Crusher Hopper

    Model: 05-0301
    Our Price: $29.95
  3. Roma by Weston La Petite Sauce Maker and Food Strainer

    Model: 67-1001-W
    Our Price: $21.99
  4. Roma by Weston Sauce Maker and Food Strainer

    Model: 07-0801
    Our Price: $59.95
  5. Weston Wine and Fruit Press

    Model: 05-0101
    Our Price: $289.99

Weston French Fry Cutters

  1. Weston French Fry Cutter Blade and Pusher, 1/4"

    Model: 36-3517
    Our Price: $19.99
  2. Weston Professional Quality French Fry Cutter

    Model: 36-3501-W
    Our Price: $82.99
  3. Weston French Fry Cutter Blade and Pusher, 1/2"

    Model: 36-3518
    Our Price: $21.99
  4. Weston French Fry Cutter Replacement Blade, 3/8"

    Model: 36-3503
    Our Price: $18.99

Weston Juicers

  1. Weston Stainless-steel Wheatgrass Juicer

    Model: 36-3801-W
    Our Price: $84.95
  2. Weston Cast-Iron Manual Wheatgrass Juicer

    Model: 36-3701-W
    Our Price: $49.95

Weston Kitchen Tools and Accessories

  1. Weston Deluxe Five-Piece Home Canning Kit

    Model: 83-2017-W
    Our Price: $13.99
  2. Weston Cabbage Shredder/Slaw Board

    Model: 70-1401
    Our Price: $54.95
  3. Weston Stainless-steel Potato Ricer

    Model: 83-3040-W
    Our Price: $12.99
  4. Weston Apple Slicer/Peeler/Corer

    Model: 83-2015-W
    Our Price: $17.99
  5. Weston Multi Food Chopper

    Model: 83-2014-W
    Our Price: $23.99
  6. Weston Multi-Function Manual Mixer

    Model: 16-0301-W
    Our Price: $18.59
  7. Weston Stainless-Steel Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

    Model: 01-0006
    Our Price: $69.99

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