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Weston (Roma) Meat Processors and Pasta Makers
For those who appreciate the value of good nutrition and the taste of homemade, Weston Products (formerly PragoTrade) manufactures kitchen appliances and tools to help anyone take a healthy, back-to-basics approach to their meal planning: from processing to preparing and preserving. Weston-Roma makes the right equipment to turn your game meats, your harvest, or your bulk purchases into good nutrition.

Grid List

  1. Weston Deluxe Five-Piece Home Canning Kit

    Model: 83-2017-W
    Our Price: $13.99
  2. Weston Cabbage Shredder/Slaw Board

    Model: 70-1401
    Our Price: $54.95
  3. Weston Stainless-steel Potato Ricer

    Model: 83-3040-W
    Our Price: $12.99
  4. Weston Apple Slicer/Peeler/Corer

    Model: 83-2015-W
    Our Price: $17.99
  5. Weston Multi Food Chopper

    Model: 83-2014-W
    Our Price: $23.99
  6. Weston Multi-Function Manual Mixer

    Model: 16-0301-W
    Our Price: $18.59
  7. Weston Stainless-Steel Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

    Model: 01-0006
    Our Price: $69.99

Grid List

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