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Regal Ware Commercial Coffeemakers
Drawing on over 100 years of expertise the production of commercial coffee appliances, Wisconsin-based Regal Ware Worldwide is committed to excellence in manufacturing, consumer protection, worker safety, and stewardship toward environmental resources. Regal Ware's highly skilled professionals are committed to creating world-class commercial coffee makers, multi-ply cookware, stainless-steel cookware, gravity-cast aluminum cookware, and in-home water purification systems.

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Regalware Beverage Dispensers /Pitchers

  1. Regalware Beverage Dispenser - Single Server

    Model: KPW9500
    Our Price: $176.99 ON SALE: $159.29
  2. Regalware Beverage Dispenser - Double Server

    Model: KPW9502
    Our Price: $309.95 ON SALE: $278.96

Regalware Commercial Coffee Makers

  1. Regalware Coffee Maker - 30 Cup Residential, Aluminum

    Model: 58030R
    Our Price: $50.99 ON SALE: $45.89
  2. Regalware Commercial Coffee Maker - 55 Cup - Stainless Steel

    Model: K1355A
    Our Price: $165.99 ON SALE: $149.39
  3. Regalware Commercial Coffee Maker - 110 Cup - Stainless Steel

    Model: K1301A
    Our Price: $219.99 ON SALE: $197.99
  4. Regalware Commercial Coffee Maker, 30 Cup

    Model: 58230R
    Our Price: $74.99 ON SALE: $67.49
  5. Regalware Commercial Coffee Maker, 12-55 Cups, Black Satin Finish

    Model: 58155R
    Our Price: $144.99 ON SALE: $130.49
  6. Regalware Commercial Coffee Maker - 58101R

    Model: 58101R
    Our Price: $168.99 ON SALE: $152.09
  7. Regalware Commercial Coffee Maker Aluminum, 55 Cup

    Model: 58055R
    Our Price: $135.99 ON SALE: $122.39
  8. Regalware Commercial Coffee Maker Aluminum, 101 Cup

    Model: 58001R
    Our Price: $143.99 ON SALE: $129.59

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