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Salt Rox Seasoned Shot Glasses & Blocks
Salt Rox produces a line of shot glasses and grilling blocks made with pure Himalayan salt. Salt Shotz from Salt Rox are a lickable shot glasses for tequila and vodka; its Salt Blocks are seasoned grilling stones which impart a subtle seasoned flavor to any meat, seafood, or vegetables when used over a grill or other heat source. Salt Rox's low-moisture Pink Himalayan salt has a milder chemical composition than ordinary table salt with complex, mild, seasoned notes.

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Salt Rox Salt Products

  1. Salt Rox Pink Himalayan Salt Block - Rectangle

    Model: 90079
    Our Price: $89.00
  2. Salt Rox Pink Himalayan Shot Glass

    Model: 90081
    Our Price: $28.95

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