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Soirée Wine Aerators
Soirée wine bottle aerators attach to any standard wine bottle, aerating and decanting the wine directly as you pour. This method of aeration "opens up" a wine's characteristics, highlighting subtleties and nuances in flavor, aroma, and texture more markedly than pouring straight from the bottle. Soirée's contemporary method of wine aeration prevents waste and saves time compared to traditional carafe decanting. Soirée's other niche bar tools include chilling spheres and wine stoppers.

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Soiree Liquor and Wine Serving Accessories

  1. Soiree Classic Wine Aerator L/S With Travel Case

    Model: SRE-1007
    Our Price: $29.99
  2. Soiree Dimple Self-Chilling Pint Glasses (SOHO-1011)

    Model: SOHO-1011
    Our Price: $44.99
  3. Soiree Tempour Wine Chiller - Set of 2 (SOHO-1017)

    Model: SOHO-1017
    Our Price: $19.99
  4. Soiree Classic Wine Aerator Signature Series

    Model: SRE-1008
    Our Price: $44.99
  5. Soiree StopAir - Wine Stopper and Preserver

    Model: SOHO-1013
    Our Price: $14.99
  6. Soiree Tilt Twin Bar Chilling Spheres - Stainless Steel Ice

    Model: SOHO-1014
    Our Price: $29.99
  7. Soiree Tilt Chilling Sphere - Stainless Steel Ice

    Model: SOHO-1015
    Our Price: $14.99
  8. Soiree Classic Wine Aerator

    Model: SRE-16420
    Our Price: $19.99

Grid List

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