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Vinturi Wine and Scotch Aerators
Vinturi Aerators allow oxygen molecules to access wine and other spirits as they are poured into a glass, opening up the flavor and enhancing the delicate characteristics of any drink. Just hold Vinturi Wine Aerators or the Vinturi Spirit Aerator over a glass as you pour wine, scotch whisky, vodka, gin, bourbon, and even sake, and take note of the instantaenous improvements in aroma, taste, and mouthfeel. Unlike traditional decanters, Vinturi products work immediately and require no additional decanting containers.

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Vinturi Liquor and Wine Serving Accessories

  1. Vinturi Wine Travel Aerator for Red Wine

    Model: 6705
    Our Price: $34.95
  2. Vinturi Wine Aerator for Red Wine

    Model: 6700
    Our Price: $34.95
  3. Vinturi Spirit Aerator

    Model: 6712
    Our Price: $34.95
  4. Vinturi Wine Aerator Accessory for White Wine

    Model: 6701
    Our Price: $34.95

Grid List

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