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WonderMill Grain Mills and Junior Hand Mills
WonderMill makes a line of affordable and competitive manually-operated and electric grain mills, including the acclaimed WonderMill and its successors, the Junior Hand Mill series. WonderMill grain grinders have uses ranging from grinding wheat flour for baking to making homemade granola and cereal, to even grinding fresh nut butters out of raw almonds and peanuts (functions vary by model).

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Wondermill Grain Mill Grain Mills

  1. Wonder Junior Hand Grain Mill Deluxe Model

    Model: 70-WJDELUXE
    Our Price: $239.95
  2. WonderMill Grain Mill (Compare to Whisper Mill) 240V International

    Model: 70-240VWONDER
    Our Price: $319.95

Wondermill Grain Mill Grain Mill Parts

  1. Wondermill Junior Drill Adapter

    Model: 70-WJDA
    Our Price: $29.95
  2. Wondermill Junior Grain Mill Motorizing Pulley

    Model: 70-WJMP
    Our Price: $62.95
  3. Wondermill Junior Stainless Steel Burr Head Set

    Model: 70-WJBURR
    Our Price: $54.95
  4. Wondermill Junior Repair Kit

    Model: 70-WJRK
    Our Price: $29.95
  5. Wondermill Junior Grain Mill Stone Head Set

    Model: 70-WJSTONE
    Our Price: $44.95
  6. Wondermill Junior Grain Mill Heavy Duty Double Clamp

    Model: 70-WJCLAMP
    Our Price: $39.95

Grid List

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