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Blendtec Frequently Asked Questions

By Chef Austin


Where is the Blendtec serial number?
The number is underneath the blender’s motor base.

Are Blendtec products made in the USA?
Blendtec blenders are designed and assembled in the USA. Blendtec is taking steps to make all of the raw materials in the USA as well.

What is the Blendtec jar made of?
Blendtec jars are made from durable Eastman Tritan copolyester, a material formulated to be incredibly strong and long-lasting. Blendtec jars have a 3-year warranty.

Which blender jars can be used with which blenders?
All Blendtec jars and Blendtec home blenders are compatible. Check out our complete Blendtec Jar Guide to learn about specialty blender jars from Blendtec.

Are Blendtec jars BPA free?
The jar is BPA free and certified to the NSF standard for food safety in the kitchen.

Which Blendtec jar should I buy?
Check out our quick Blendtec Jar Guide Video and Article to pick the right jar for your needs.

What is a Blendtec Twister Jar?
The Twister Jar is specifically designed for notoriously difficult-to-blend foods like nut butter, hummus, pesto, pie dough, and smaller serving sizes. Check out our Blendtec Jar Guide Video and Article for more information.

What are Blendtec blades made of?
Blendtec blades are made from cold-forged, ultra-hard stainless steel. They are tuned for heavy use and are also blunt, making them completely safe to touch when not in operation, no sharp edges at all. These blades resist corrosion better than typical blender blades, and are up to 80% thicker.

Which Blendtec blender should I buy?
From blending you morning smoothie to milling your own whole-wheat flour, Blendtec has a perfect blender for you. Take a look at our Complete Overview Guide for Blendtec’s home blenders to find your perfect match.

Which Blendtec is most powerful?
The Blendtec Designer 725 and the Professional 800 both feature Blendtec’s most powerful motor at a massive 3.8 peak horsepower. No more lumpy smoothies or un-milled grains ever again!

Are Blendtec blenders worth the money?
Absolutely! Investing in a high-power Blendtec blender brings commercial-quality blending to your home kitchen. It’s a blender that you can use for years, the warranty is one of the longest at 8 years. Blendtec has engineered their blender jars to pulverize even the hardest frozen fruit or ice without needing a tamper. Check out our full Blendtec Model Compairson Guide for details on everything Blendtec blenders can do.

How do I make a smoothie with a Blendtec?
My most important tip: Remember proper layering. It's important to layer liquids, solids and leafy greens, then frozen solids in that order from bottom to top. Check out Chef Austin's Smoothie Blending Guide to make the perfect smoothie every time.

How many preset programs does a Blendtec have?
Each model has a different number of preset blending programs, check out our comprehensive Blendtec Model Compairson Guide to see all the presets for each model.

How do I make almond butter in Blendtec?
The Wildside Jar can make nut butter, but we recommend using the Twister Jar with its special side-scraping lid for an easier experience.

How does a Blendtec make hot soup?
The 3-horsepower motor is spinning the blades so fast, the ingredients are heated by the friction they create in such a small space. It’s enough heat to make soup heat up to around 160°F - hot enough you'll need to blow on it first! Check out Chef Austin's Blended Hot Soup Guide for more info and a quick recipe for cheddar-broccoli soup.

How does a Blendtec make ice cream?
Believe it or not, the same way it makes hot soup. The blades spin so fast, frozen ingredients are so finely pulverized that the frozen chunks, like ice or frozen fruit, freeze the liquid around them, creating frozen deserts like ice cream. Check out Chef Austin's Blendtec Ice Cream Guide for directions and recipes.

How do I make juice in my Blendtec?
Simple. Just add your favorite fruits and veggies to your Blendtec to create your own custom juice creations and get the maximum amount of nutrients from your food. Chef Austin's Juicing Guide for Blendtec will teach you how.

How do I make dough with Blendtec?
The Blendtec is powerful enough to mix your favorite bread doughs, thanks to its 3-horsepower motor. It won't do all of the kneading, but it will get a good portion of the inital mixing done for you. Check out our dough recipe for Blendtec and see how easy Blendtec makes dough-making.

Can I make sauces and dips like hummus or salad dressings with Blendtec?
Yes! Take a look at Chef Austin's Sauces and Dip Guide for Blendtec for ideas on how, and what to make.

How do I clean my Blendtec blender jar?
Find out in Chef Austin's Cleaning Guide for Blendtec to see how easy it is.

Why is my Blendtec so loud?
Blendtec blenders are going to be louder than an average blender because their massive 3- or 3.8-HP motor spin the blades so incredibly fast to make the smoothest smoothies or steaming-hot soup right in the jar. Over time, if you notice your blender getting louder, it's probably time to replace the jar; gasket-wear could be causing the noise.

What is Blendtec’s warranty?
Blendtec offers an 8-year warranty on their blender motor bases, a 3-year warranty on the blender jars, and a lifetime warranty on the blades.

How does Blendtec stack up against Vitamix and Ninja blenders? 
Check out our comparison tests on our Blendec VS Vitamix and Blendtec VS Ninja pages and find out!


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