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Shabby Chic Easter Place Setting

Your Easter Table

Creating a bright and elegant tabletop is easy! Pair decorative whiteware with bright colored accent  pieces for a light and airy look and feel. Add little burlap accents to create a shabby chic look or jewel tones to give your table a more modern twist.The Easter meal is one of celebration both of Life and family. 

Modern Easter Place Setting

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LeCreuset Egg Cup in Cassis Purple

Egg Tapping Game

This traditional Easter game dates back as far as 14th century Europe. Today the game is played all over the world with a world championship held in England on Easter Sunday. Many families incorporate the game into their Easter Sunday meal with the winner getting a small prize or even the honor of saying the meals grace.

The Egg Tapping game is fairly simple. Each opponent starts out with an un-cracked, usually dyed, hard boiled egg. One person holds there egg with the pointed end up and the other person knocks it with their eggs pointed end with the intention of cracking the opponent’s egg. The opponents then switch places and repeat with the rounded ends of their eggs. If an opponent has an end that is not cracked they then find another competitor who has a matching end to play against. This is repeated until there is one person left with at least one end of their egg un-cracked and is declared the winner!

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 Easter Sugar Egg

Sugar Egg Centerpieces

Want a unique centerpiece that is easy and fun to make for you and the kids? Try making a sugar egg! Like an eatable Faberge egg, sugar eggs are known for their delicate looks and internal sence. Display on your Easter dinner table or just as decor for your home.


  • Food Coloring
  • Granulated Sugar -2 lbs
  • Water
  • Egg molds
  • Baking Sheet pan
  • Royal icing
  • Stuff to decorate your egg inside and out: icing, paper cutouts, jewels, candies, fondant molds, small figurines...

Step 1. is to prepare your sugar. In a mixing bowl add 2 pounds of sugar and mix-i desired food coloring and about 3 tablespoons of water. You are looking for a wet sand texture. Take a clump of the sugar mixture and squeeze in your hand, it is holds its shape once you open your hand you are achieved the desired consistency.

Step 2. Take your sugar mixture and pack it in to your egg molds. Pack it tightly as you can and flip molds over onto a baking sheet to remove from molds. If there are cracks repack sugar into molds and try again. Once you have your two halves of the mold formed take create a third just in case one breaks while hollowing out later. If you want to create an internal scene within your egg take your two halves and cut off the tip of the eggs for horizontal viewing eggs. For vertical viewing eggs cut off the top of one of your egg halves to create your window.

Step 3. Take your baking sheet with your 3 egg halves and either set aside for 3 hours to air dry/harden or place in the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. remove from oven and allow to cool before handling.

Step 4. Hollow out your egg halves. Holding the egg half gently, and hollow it out with a melon baller or small spoon leaving the walls of your sugar egg about a 1/2-inch thick. If you have a viewing window start at the window and work your way out

Step 5. If you are creating an internal scene in your sugar egg do so before joining the two sides together. Use anything from icing, little figurines, paper cutouts, to candy to create a fun internal scene.

Step 6. Join your two hollowed out egg halves together with royal icing.

Step 7: Decorate the outside of your sugar egg with piped royal icing, gum paste or fondant flowers and leaves, jewels, or candies.

NOTE: Sugar eggs can last for years if made and stored properly for you to enjoy for years to come. Carefully place your egg into a zip lock bag or warp in plastic wrap, then place into a  light padded box, and store them in a dark, dry area. 

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