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KitchenAid Fruit / Vegetable Food Strainer & Meat Grinder

Item #: FVSFGA

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  • KitchenAid Food Strainer Stand Mixer Attachment for Sauces, Berries and Jellies
  • KitchenAid Fruit / Vegetable Food Strainer & Meat Grinder
  • KitchenAid Fruit / Vegetable Food Strainer & Meat Grinder

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    More Views

    • KitchenAid Food Strainer Stand Mixer Attachment for Sauces, Berries and Jellies
    • KitchenAid Fruit / Vegetable Food Strainer & Meat Grinder
    • KitchenAid Fruit / Vegetable Food Strainer & Meat Grinder

    Model FVSFGA KitchenAid Fruit and Vegetable Strainer & Meat Grinder

    KitchenAid Fruit / Vegetable Strainer & Food Grinder

    Use the included FGA food grinder to grind meat and other soft foods, or attach the FVSP food strainer attachment (included) to the food grinder to make sauces and jellies, such as tomato sauce, jelly, jam, apple sauce, and more. Both attachments are included in this kit.

    Model: FVSFGA



    • Works with Included Food Grinder to Puree and Strain Fruits and Vegetables Quickly and Easily.
    • Use Only with Soft or Cooked Foods.
    • Fits all Kitchenaid Mixer models
    • 1 Year Limited Hassle-Free Replacement Warranty
    • The FGA Food Grinder attaches to the Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, then the FVSP Food Strainer attaches to the food grinder to extend its usefulness to make sauces and jellies.
    • The # FVSFGA includes the FGA Food Grinder and the FVSP Food Strainer
    • If you only want to grind meat and other soft foods, and do not need to strain seeds out for sauces or jellies, then you can buy the FGA separately.
    • The Kitchenaid Food Grinder attachment includes Stomper, Coarse and Fine Plates for Grinding Meat, Firm Fruits and Vegetables; the food strainer attachment includes grinding worm/auger, strainer cone, strainer tray and splash shield. See image above.

    Additional Information

    Product Manual
    Name KitchenAid Fruit / Vegetable Food Strainer & Meat Grinder
    GTIIN / UPC Code 00050946000251
    Brands KitchenAid
    Type Stand Mixer Attachments
    Options For KitchenAid Mixers
    Material Plastic and Steel
    Color White
    Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
    prop65WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
    Weight (in Lbs) 3.5

    Customer Questions

      Questions on KitchenAid Fruit and Vegetable Strainer & Meat Grinder Model FVSFGA

      • Q:  What attachment would you suggest I use with my KitchenAid mixer for taking the seeds out of blackberries?
      • A:  You may look into the back to basics model # D220 food strainer with the berry attachment Model #220P20.
      • Q:  What's the difference between grinding and straining produce?
      • A:  When you grind your produce it would include the seeds, skin or cores. However, when you use the strainer the seeds, skin and core would be strained out.
      • Q:  Can I use the FVSFGA, or FVSP to make green vegetable drinks
      • A:  No the KitchenAid Fruit / Vegetable Strainer & Grinder is intended to puree and remove the skins and seeds from soft fruits and vegetables.
      • Q:  Can the FVSFGA be used to press oil from seeds such as flax seed, chia seeds, etc?
      • A:  This unit is not designed for pressing oil from seeds.
      • Q:  Is this what you need to make apple sauce or do you need something else?
      • A:  Yes, the FVSFGA includes everything you need to make apple sauce.
      • Q:  To make applesauce do you suggest that the apples be cut up in chunks with the skin and core and cooked first than put through the fruit and vegetable strainer after the apples have cooled down enough to handle?
      • A:  Hello Mary,

        Thank you for your interest in the KitchenAid Fruit / Vegetable Food Strainer & Meat Grinder.
        For this strainer you would need to peel & chunk the apples prior to cooking them, & putting them through the fruit and
        vegetable strainer. If you were wanting the color from your apple peels to naturally color your applesauce you might want
        to place the peels inside a cheesecloth bundle before cooking the apples to get the benefit of the color but with the ability
        to remove them to avoid clogging the strainer during processing.

        I hope you find this helpful!
        Have a wonderful day!
        Everything Kitchens

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    Reviews: 23Average Customer Review is 4.2:  


    What a Time-Saver! Review by

    So glad I bought this attachment! This strainer saves me so much time! I process 1 or 2 twenty-five pound cases of Roma tomatoes at a time, and now, no more blanching and peeling! What was an all-day job is now done in a few hours, including the canning/processing time! (Posted on 12/23/18)


    What a time saver! Review by

    I can (process) 3 large boxes of Roma tomatoes every fall to make my own homemade spaghetti sauce. I have to say, before I purchased this attachment, I would spend literally HOURS boiling, peeling, coring and seeding the tomatoes and that was even before I did the canning. It was probably a 24 hour process, literally, just to prep them. Now, it takes seriously about 3 hours to prep with this attachment, it does all the work, all I have to do is quarter the tomatoes. I also made applesauce for the first time this fall using a bushel. I cooked the apples, seeds, core and skin (just quartered them) and then ran them through the fruit strainer and it removed everything and I was left with a delicious batch of applesauce. Would highly recommend this attachment. For those that complain about making baby food, I wonder if they were cooking the baby food prior to processing through the attachment?

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 12/24/16)


    Question... Review by

    This isnt really a review, more a question about potential application. I am looking for a product that could replace my small, hand crank food mill/ricer for when I make large batches of mashed potatoes. The small one works really well, but when doing several pounds of potatoes, it can take a really long time. Would this work?

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 11/28/16)


    Bring back the sieve/colander Review by

    I do not have this attachment but inherited the older sieve/colander attachment from my mother that you discontinued in the '80's. It does what this does it sounds like much better. I can make massive quantities of applesauce quickly. It's like a hand-crank food mill but attaches to the kitchenaid. I love it and my kids borrow it. I've done berries and tomatoes on it. Please bring it back!

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 11/18/16)


    Ease in the kitchen Review by

    The KitchenAid products are always kitchen workhorses, so when I want to strain tomatoes from the seeds for sauce, I use this product! Consistent and quick! (Posted on 11/4/16)


    1987 K5SS Review by

    I bought a K5SS in 1987 with all the attachments. Since 1990 I have used the fruit strainer to separate the liquid and pulp from the skin and seeds on about 90 to 120 gallons of hot sauce per year. I am getting ready to order another fruit strainer set, my 3rd. It would be really nice to be able to special order parts of the strainer assembly, I have only used the metal meat cutters twice. A couple of observations the material used is of the highest quality, the design however could use some updating. The hopper size is way too small for all but the smallest jobs. This is my biggest beef as I usually process 5 to 15 gallons at a time. It would also be nice to have the option of ordering different size screens(available from other makers) to fit around the auger. I am going to get my machine serviced this year for the first time. Thanks for a great product. I use a Kitchen Aide Food Processor to grind the chiles before they go into the barrels Gary.

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 10/3/16)


    Strainer Attachment Review by

    Love the strainer attachment for doing tomato's and peaches for peach jam. I would LOVE it if you would come out with BERRY SCREEN attachment as we make massive amounts of seedless Black Raspberry and Red Raspberry jam. We have to use Victorio handcrank strainer that takes forever.

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 9/19/16)


    Great for tomato season Review by

    I've now been using this for a few years to strain some of my tomato crop. Before this I had a Squeezo Strainer with a hand crank. It was a real chore with the squeezo. Eventually I hooked up my electric drill and stripped the crank. This has made the job much easier, faster and more fun. This year I have a bumper crop and would never have been able to process this many tomatoes with the hand crank. You do need to find a way to keep the peels and seeds from falling into the sauce. I stand a cutting board in between the bowl and a container to catch the peels. I've made a few gallons of sauce so far.

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 8/31/16)


    It's Okay Review by

    If you're planning on processing low volumes of food through this I'm sure it would work well. The problem I have with it is the attachment has several limitations that prevent it from being effective on large volumes. One is a hopper size, you really can only fit one or two quartered tomatoes on it at a time. Another is the throat size on the hopper. You really have to be sure to cut your tomatoes into small pieces. Another problem I have with it is with the ease-of-use. The hopper itself ends up being directly over top of the juice bowl which can result in unprocessed food falling into your sauce. This isn't so bad on the first pass but can be a pain when you're rerunning the skins. There are also space problems with everything. The juice and discard bowls are jammed up against one another which also bumps against the mixer itself. I was extremely excited to get away for my hand-cranked food strainer and sauce maker as I prepared to put 4 bushels through my new kitchen aide attachment this weekend. In the end though I ended up going back to my manual crank after the first bushel. While it was a pain to crank I could do more volume in less time.

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 8/23/16)


    Difficult to use with bowl lift mixer Review by

    I just received mine yesterday. I wanted to strain some sugar pumpkin that I had baked. So I setup the strainer on the machine. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't fit a bowl flat on the counter under the discharge chute. The rear part of the bowl was raised since one side pf the bowl rests on the mixer base and the other on the counter to catch the pumpkin. Problem is that the base of the mixer extends into the area where the bowl needs to go to catch the strained fruit and it is not close enough to the mixer bowl to use that for the discharge. I thought that maybe I could use the pour chute under the discharge chute since it extends a small distance out from the top of the bowl edge. However, there is still too much space between the pour chute and the discharge opening. In the end I had to carefully watch the bowl as the back part was tipped up. It did start to tip over a few times when the weight of the pumpkin puree was heavier on the side nearest the chute. I did level out the pumpkin but a lot of it moved back to the low side of the bowl. I did not notice before buying this that I would have such a problem. Certainly KitchenAid has to know about this problem. with the bowl placement. Interesting to note that they advertise that all accessories work on all mixers. But I looked back at the video's to see what type of bowl they were using. It appears that all the KitchenAid demonstration ads and videos were done on the tilt head models and not the bowl lift models. Also cleaning the cone shaped strainer is difficult. Had to brush from inside and outside with continuous rinsing of what I had just loosened. Don't know how easy it will be to use this with other fruit. In addition, the plastic parts seem very flimsy. I can almost guarantee that this plastic will break within a year or two at most. I would suggest that they provide a chute that is longer and that will discharge into the mixing bowl or another bowl resting on mixer base. The discharge chute and other parts cannot be turned in any other direction. Also this set up takes a lot of counter space since you also have to catch the waste discharge material on the opposite side and this protrudes a good distance away from the mixer. Very very disappointing. I bought this as a package with the grinder and the rotary slicer and found that one of the grinder plates was missing.

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 1/6/16)


    sucks Review by

    it doesn't tell you how to attach this piece to the mix master

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 11/13/15)


    Time Saver Review by

    Love Love Love! I bought this attachment last year to use with my grinder during canning season. Best attachemnt i have ever bought and what a time saver. My daughter and I just canned applesauce. We processed a bushel of apples in less than 3 hours thanks to this! Tomatoes were a breeze! I would not do nealy the amount of canning if I didnt have this! Thank you!!!

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 10/21/15)


    A true time saver Review by

    We bought this attachment about 2 or 3 months ago in the middle of canning season. In the past when my wife did tomatoes it was a matter, wash, blanch, peel, core, etc... with this attachment she washes the tomatoes, quarters and fills a pan the as she does more I start the fun part. What used to take hours now takes us minutes. Apples, she quarters & cores the a quick cooking to soften and to the machine immediate apple sauce. works well on seedless grapes but not for the seeded or maybe they needed to be blanched. Waste had a tendency to curl back and sometimes fall in the good stuff so I took a plastic lid from a cottage cheese containes made a X in the center and put over the tip of the strainer now all waste goes in the waste pan and does not fall back into the good.

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 10/18/15)


    Waste - not for baby food Review by

    I tried to use this to make baby food. So much of the fruit was wasted. I should have peeled it myself and used a blender. This should not be advertised as a good tool to make baby food as it really is waste. I wish I never bought it.

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 8/15/15)


    Canning is a breeze! Review by

    I love using my new KA strainer for canning sauces and salsas, cuts my work in half!

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 3/24/15)


    Great features Review by

    Have not had a problem with this. Great addition to my mixer.

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 3/2/15)


    Messy! Review by

    Yes this attachment saves time and works, but poor design. Whoever designed this has never used it. The hopper is way to small, the juice comes out so high the splash factor is crazy and the waste product can easily fall into the strained product. I have been trying all kinds of bowl combinations, but I feel like with a little more thought into the design could do wonders.

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 9/9/14)


    Fruit/Vegetable Strainer Set - works great!! Review by

    I purchased this strainer set last year and used it to make plum jam and just this week, I am using it to make tomato sauce. I was AMAZED at how nicely it worked - I processed a bushel of tomatoes in less than an hour - No coring, no cooking needed! But I do recommend using Roma Tomatoes which are much better for cooking sauce. I also learned that if you add Tomato Paste to your sauce while cooking - it does thicken the sauce and it cooks up faster. Another good trick - Re-process your discarded seeds & skins 2 or 3 more times. You'd be surprised at how much more puree you'll get from that. I ended up recovering nearly 4 more cups of puree by reprocessing my discards. Much easier than boiling - and skinning!!

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 8/25/14)


    Relief from hand crank processor! Review by

    We steam juice over 20 bushels of apples from our 7 apple trees each year. We freeze the pulp and I make applesauce throughout the winter. This attachment has made the process so much easier...I wish there was a strainer that had larger holes for a courser texture to the apple sauce...With my hand grind processor, I use the pumpkin/squash strainer with somewhat bigger holes. KitchenAid...food for thought??? Maybe several strainers with different hole sizes?? thanks for a great product!

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 5/18/14)


    A must for canners! Review by

    If you are an avid canner this is a must have! Your prep time for tomato sauce, apple sauce and jams will be cut in half. Some hints to maximize your produce outcome: Plum tomatoes will go through no problem but you will be cooking your sauce for days to get it thick enough. I cut my tomatoes in half, sprinkle with a little salt and roast in a 375 oven for about an hour with some basil. A lot of the juice will separate in the pan, use a slotted spoon to transfer the tomatoes to the food strainer. I save the leftover juice, mix it with a little of the pureed tomato and can for tomato juice. The roasted tomato flavor is outstanding and your cook time will be cut in half. Peaches were a challenge for my jam until I cut them in half like the tomatoes and roasted them until soft. Firm fruits and veggies don't do well in this unit and I cook everything first..same with apples for applesauce,..just quarter them and cook in a pot until soft...DON'T add sugar at this point or it will burn. Once softened, put through the strainer, no need to peel or core, the strainer will do it for you if the fruit is soft (of course with peaches you will need to remove the pit). I find that putting my fruit through this strainer gives me a much nicer consistency to my jams and unlike when I just chop the fruit... the strained fruit remains constant and cohesive...the chopped fruit tend to float to the top and looks cheap and unappealing and must be mixed before using. I DO add the remaining juice from the fruit that I roast to my bowl with the processed fruit as without it I think the jam would be too dense. With apples, it depends...if I want apple sauce I add it, apple butter I don't add it but I do filter it and freeze it for homemade apple juice...just add water! Sometimes I notice the discarded waste seems moist and I run it through a second time...but I'm looking for every drop I can get...lol. I have had my stainer for over ten years...I use it every year from spring to fall and have never had an issue with it and it still looks and works like brand new. I like the removable window cover on top to monitor and to scrap off remaining fruit off the cone once finished.

    source kitchenaid.com (Posted on 12/16/13)


    Works Surprisingly Well Review by

    I've mostly used this KitchenAid Strainer attachment to make apple butter. Wash and quarter apples, steam in a stock pot until they're soft, and process them down the chute of the KitchenAid Food & Vegetable Strainer. I think the stems, cores and peelings being extruded out the waste end is vaguely disgusting, but I'm amazed at how efficiently the fruit is removed. The waste that's extruded out the end is dry fibrous pulp. Almost all of the applesauce trickles out the bottom of the strainer attachment. Very clever! I mix the applesauce with sugar and spices and bake it in the oven to make apple butter. I'd like to try pear butter and other fruits. I wonder if this could help with pumpkin butter? (Posted on 8/7/11)


    Vegetable Strainer/Grinder Is Terrific 4 Tomatoes Review by

    I make tomato sauce every year from extra tomatoes from the garden--this Kitchenaid attachment makes it quick and easy! Also use to make fresh tomato sauce for pasta--cut tomatoes in--sauce comes out. (Posted on 5/10/10)


    Great For Canning Review by

    I just canned 40 quarts of applesauce, but my Kitchenaid Food Strainer did most of the work! I was able to cook apple slices, with the skin, core, and stems still on -- and then put them through the this Kitchenaid attachment. Out came applesauce at one end, all the fruit 'extra' the other! Would also be great for baby foods and I can't wait try the meat grinder. (Posted on 11/11/09)

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