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    Le Creuset Cookware and Dinnerware
    Cast-iron, quality cookware from Le Creuset is available in a wide range of color options. Le Creuset coats each of its cooking and baking dishes with a special colorful enamel that resists chipping and aids in heat distribution. Stoneware baking dishes from Le Creuset are non-stick and oven-safe up to 500ºF. Most of the Le Creuset pots and pans Everything Kitchens carries are safe for the dishwasher and are backed by a 5-year warranty.
    • Dinnerware Sets

      Le Creuset Dinnerware sets are made of high quality stoneware, with a gradient color finish, and with many radiant hues to choose from.
    • Cookware Sets

      Le Creuset Cookware in stainless and colored enameled finishes.
    • French Ovens

      Le Creuset is famous for their cast iron French ovens. They come in both round and oval shapes, and many sizes and vibrant colors.
    • Grill Pans

      Grilling your favorite panini sandwich becomes easy with a Le Creuset grill pan. With ridges in the bottom of the pans, you can create nice grill marks on your meats as well.
    • Sauce Pans

      Selection of enamel coated cast iron Le Creuset sauce pans and saucier pans. These saucepans include lids and have a precision pour design.
    • Skillets

      Find cast iron Le Creuset skillets, fry pans, grills and griddles - everything you need to make breakfast! Made in France.
    • Stock Pots

      LeCreuset stock pots are both fun and functional with their rich, vibrant colors, and their porcelain enamel on steel construction. A selection of colors are available.
    • Roasters

      Roast a delectable fowl or other cuisine in a cast iron Le Creuset Roaster. These cast iron roasting pans are enamel coated.
    • Bakers & Casserole Pans

      Beautiful Le Creuset stoneware casserole pans and other baking pans will help to make your dishes reflect the impressive chef that you are.
    • Ramekins & Au Gratins

      Selection of Le Creuset stoneware cocottes, ramekins, and other small bakeware pieces.
    • Tea and Coffee

      Sit down to hot drinks with a stoneware or enamel on steel Le Creuset teapot or beautiful French Press. Match them up with your favorite espresso or cappuccino cups for a beautiful and classic presentation.
    • Pitchers

      Create an agrarian, French countryside feel with one of these stoneware Le Creuset pitchers.
    • Gadgets and Accessories

      Find a plethora of trivets, salt crocks, spatula sets and much more on our Le Creuset Kitchen tools page! Also includes cookbooks, crocks and cleaners.
    • Other Products

      Can't find what you're looking for on one of our other Le Creuset pages? It's probably in here! Includes tagines, batter bowls, butter crocks, and more!
    • Black

      Shop Le Creuset Black Color Collection.
    • Caribbean Blue

      Shop Le Creuset Caribbean Blue Color Collection.
    • White

      Shop Le Creuset White Color Collection.