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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Everything Kitchens


 St Patricks Day Spread

St. Patrick’s Day is green with shamrocks, leprechauns, and the Wearing of the Green.  Yes indeed it is green all over. I send out a nod at appreciation and reception to those devoted Irish whiskey and beer drinkers, their annual pub crawls, and the drinking of much green beer while hard apple cider overflows in the merriment. And many grins I have at the outrageous and the teensy displays of green ribbons, t-shirts, hats, and the head to toe green clothing ensembles. I delight in the Irish cultural parades, parties, and dances. All this is such fun. There are proverbial rainbows and pots of gold in all kinds of fun colors, shapes, sizes and functions for your kitchen and dining spaces here at Everything Kitchens.  The warehouses here are chocked full of all shades of green, with extra accessories, equipment, and supplies to fill the list of what you need to make your St. Patty’s Day a celebration to remember. This St. Patrick’s Day may the luck of the Irish be with you and yours as you celebrate the green holiday of St. Patrick.


St. Patrick’s Day is upon us and the Wearing of the Green With this green holiday in mind, we bust out all over with lush, vibrant, serene, glossy, pale, and verdant shades of the much livable color of green.  The virtues of green, let the poetry begin as the mind recalls shades – crisp green Granny Smith apples firm and bright; rolling fields of the first acid-green grass sprigs of spring; the shades of moss, artichoke, olive, and laurel greens of new leaves budding and ready to open as the sun warms the grounds; and of course the cheerful, clear green shamrocks of the St. Patrick’s holiday.  The Wearing of the Green and St. Patrick’s Day was originally a religious holiday.  Later, it became a political sign with soldiers wearing green uniforms in support of the Irish Rebellion in 1798.  So we fast forward in time, and now in the United States the Wearing of the Green and St. Paddy’s is a day of celebration both ethnic and cultural, religious and secular all at once.  Green is such a comfortable color, which adds to the historical, cultural, religious, and secular expressions found on St. Patrick’s Day.  The shades are so different with varying undertones of gray, blue, and yellow.  Nature explodes and abounds in every shade of green the eye and heart can imagine.  Green lives in happy dapples and clean bursts with the classic neutrals of black, brown, cream, ivory, and gray.  Used as an accent color it will brighten up any neutral palette with the flourishing hues and tones of the great outdoors.  Layer tints and shades of green one on top of the other as your heart dictates in profuse abandon.  Whatever way you choose to express yourself in the color green, let it begin.  At Everything Kitchens, a myriad of greens await and offer you that unique green color you wish in your home.  I have assembled a few of such items here to get the urge going for St. Patty’s Day Wearing of the Green


Kitchen Aid has a handful of shades of green to choose from. The Artisan 5 Quart Stand Tilt-Head Mixer in Green Apple is pictured here, but there is Canopy Green and PistachioGreen Apple can also be found in the 6 Quart 600 Pro Bowl Lift, Immersion Blender, 5-Speed Hand Mixer, 5-Speed Diamond Blender, and Mini Food Chopper Processor.  Kitchen Aid stands behind their sturdy products with hassle-free warranties (see individual product for details).  So, if green machines are your favorite kitchen statement about Wearing of the Green, then turn to Kitchen Aid for quality, craftsmanship, beauty, and vibrant color choices.

Long live the excellent color lines of Fiestaware with glazing that resists chipping, cracking, and fading through many, many years of use.  This freezer, to oven, to refrigerator, and dishwasher safe china is a durable, well-made array of tableware that will never go out of style.  Fiestaware comes in two shades of beautiful green. The Lemongrass Green and the Shamrock Green. Both colors will mix well with your own whites and creams, give it a citrus flair adding Fiestaware Tangerine or Peacock.  If you want to give your kitchen and dining the illusion of a luminous pool of water in a green jungle, add either the Lapis or Turquoise Fiestaware pieces.  In this photo, you will find the retro round shapes of Fiestaware 44 Ounce Covered Teapot in Shamrock Green, and the Lemongrass Salt & Pepper Shakers.  I have to say, Fiestaware makes the color-hound collector in me totally happy.

 St Patricks Day KitchenAid
 Small Green Tools

In this article, a fond goodbye is being said to Le Creuset Fennel Green. The quality of Le Creuset sets the pace for enameled cast iron.  These are pieces you will have for a lifetime and hand down to the next generation.  Every meal I have prepared in my own pieces of Le Creuset have been nothing short of tender, yummy perfection.  At Everything Kitchens, we have a portion of Fennel Green enamel bakeware, cookware, and dinnerware that can yet be purchased before this color is no longer around and has retired.  Here in the photo is the 3.5 Quart Casserole in Fennel Green.  Our fine customer service people can share with you what pieces remain of this very woodsy shade of deep blue-green.  I also would announce that Le Creuset will be introducing the next shade of green in April of 2014. We will get it up on our website the moment we have this new green line available.  Come back and check this new green shade out when it arrives.

Looking for fresh and crisp colors of green in kitchen tools?  Pictured here is Mastrad silicone pieces in the same shade.  In addition, Kuhn Rikon has a fine selection of high carbon Japanese stainless steel cutlery and vegetable prep tools in nice shades of spring green. The Cheese/Prep Knife found in this photo is available, but there is also a green Small Santuko knife in that same shade.  Like this shade of spring green?  Then look at what Kuhn Rikon has to offer.  Progressive has select storage options, microwave dishes, and various kitchen small tools that will bring bright leaf greens into your kitchen daily.  In this photo is the Progressive Green Vegetable and Fish Steamer.  I love the color of this Tovolo King Ice Cube Tray made of resilient silicone, so bright green like the first daffodil and tulip leaves pushing up out of the chilly spring earth.  And finally Bormioli Rocco has a gorgeous selection of lime green DOF and Highball glasses, ½ Quart Ypsilon Carafe, Dessert/Ice Cream Cups, and shown here the Giara Swing-top Bottle in Lime.  Bormioli Rocco is probably my favored glassware because of the depth and clarity of color, combined with quality and brilliance of this fine Italian glass.

If your tastes run more pine and herb green colored, we have those choices as well. The Oregano colored cereal bowl here by Signature Housewares stonewaredinnerware and serveware is an earthy moss-like color with a garden-inspired raised, antiqued pattern to put gracefully on your table.  There is the Rachel Ray EVOO Oil Dispenser in a dark blue-green Fennel.  And Kay Dee Designs Cook’s Collection brings home a soft, light tree green in kitchen towels, an apron, and pot mitts.  Here is the oval hot pot holder from Kay Dee Cook’s Collection.   Other serene green shades are found in the Trudeau line of plastic and silicone kitchen tools, as seen here in the reversible Granite-look Green 10X13 Cutting Board.

There are so many colors of green to choose from here at Everything Kitchens the list would be so long.  Check out other green tints, shades, and hues in Simplemente Delicioso, Chantal, Dualit, Artland Glass, Joseph Joseph, Emile Henry, Waring, Gefu, and a host of others.  So for the Wearing of the Green here at Everything Kitchens, we have our parade of green colors ready for your viewing and parade in your home.


 Herbal Smallware

Why is St. Patrick’s known as a drinking holiday of sorts?  The reason for this is hidden in the faith Christianity, where in the 4th century Lent started being observed.  Lent is a time of fasting, self-denial, and self-examination that runs for 40 days from Ash Wednesday through Easter.  The reason St. Patrick’s is known as a drinking holiday is because in the 17th century, this day became an official feast day and the Lenten restrictions on food and drink were lifted in the denominations of Christianity that observe the time of Lent.   This feast day was tied to a legend that St. Patrick miraculously cast out a demon when a stingy innkeeper performed an act of generosity by giving his patrons’ cups overflowing cups of whiskey.  So this feast day began, and the restrictions of Lent were lifted on the particular day that is St. Patrick’s Day.  Whether or not there is any truth to the legend or not, the fact does remain that St. Patty’s is a time of feasting and drinking by those observing this holiday for any reason. So, with those little bits of history in place, I pause to talk about whiskey and whisky, green beer, hard cider, glassware, and ways to put the chill into the drink of choice for this St. Patty’s Day.

 Whiskey Set

Irish Whiskey is considered to be the root of all Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, and Blends.  Each has its own characteristics of clean or smoky aromas and flavors depending on the types of grains used, drying processes, distillation and filtering methods, and the regions the liquors come from. There is Irish Whiskey, Scotch Whisky, Bourbon Whiskey, Tennessee Whiskey, American and Canadian Blended Whiskies.  Yes there is an “E” issue here, but there is not time to explain to the reason why.  It is enough to say that each version of whiskey or whisky has its followers and ways chosen to partake in the heady drink.  At Everything Kitchens we have many bar tools, glassware, and equipment pieces to consider if you wish to imbibe in a bit of Irish Whiskey, or another type, this St. Patrick’s Day.

It was not my purpose to expound on mixed drinks made of whiskies for this particular writing.  I find that I am writing volumes already.  Instead, this article touches on the purist forms of neat, straight-up, and on-the-rocks drinking.  I do not drink much, but I have a great love for fascinating kitchen gadgets and barware, and of course glassware.  This little piece on whiskies was fascinating for me indeed. 

Served neat or well-chilled please may be your choice for drinking and serving whiskies.  There are some very cool tools that can be used to bring your enjoyment of whiskies to a greater level here at Everything Kitchens.  Serving a drink neat generally refers to serving a single liquor at room temperature without any ice.  For this selection, perhaps you might consider a classic decanter and glass set like this one from Bormioli Rocco.  The clean lines of the Selecta 7 piece Whiskey Set will accent the neat style by showing off the liquor’s color against the prismatic display of fine cut glass.  We have a variety of whiskey decanter sets for the lovers of neat drinks.  Smell, sip, and savor the intensity of neat whiskies.  If you wish chill but no watering which is straight up, often a method used is a shaker/strainer poured into a double old fashioned glass.  Or maybe, try something very cool and different by using the Teraforma Whiskey Stones like the Max Stones pictured here that are quarried and milled from solid Vermont soapstone.  Also pictured is a unique stainless steel chilling sphere.  The Soiree Tilt Chilling Sphere will not bruise your whiskies and effect the taste with watering.  Both the Teraforma stones and the Soiree Sphere are kept in the freezer till you are ready to use them, and chill your drink in minutes.  The chilling changes the textures and tastes of whiskies.  But, with any of these choices of drinking neat or straight up are done in style, taste, and make a St. Patrick’s Day an announcement of tradition.

 Sphere Molds


On-the-rocks you say?  Everything Kitchens carries a variety of ice cube cube trays like the Tovolo King Cube in green silicone pictured in above photos.  There are also ice cube forms of silicone from Tovolo, Lekue, and Mastrad.  I had much fun with the Tovolo Ice Sphere molds pictured here.  These silicone globe shaped molds made perfect spheres that were easy to fill, assemble, and unmold.  As advertised, the molds did not leak, and the results were beautiful.  The giant round balls of solid ice melted very, very slowly as most that drink whiskies on-the-rocks desire in their drinks.   On-the-rocks drinking releases more aroma and flavors into the drink itself, and keeps the intensity of whiskey manageable on the palate.  One piece of equipment I did not consider at the time of this writing was experimenting with the Vinturi Spirit Aerator which allows the liquor to breathe, which develops flavors and enhances natural aromas.  I did use the beautiful, classically designed Luigi Bormioli Top Class DOF glasses shown here.  I loved the smooth edges and rims.  These are perfect coctail glasses. Cheers to you St. Patrick for your legend, your feast, and for some of us, your whiskey.

St Patricks Day


Now, the green beer and cider of St. Patrick’s Day. For many, the parades and the pub crawls peppered with times of drinking from steins, glasses, and cups is what St. Patty’s Day is all about.  Green beer is purely an American invention.  For the staunch of Ireland, only a very good beer (never with food color) from the homeland would ever touch their lips.  “Green beer” is also the term given by brewers to their ales and stouts not yet ready to drink.  The green food colorings added to beers in America is an expression of zeal for the holiday and Irish cultural prides, perhaps over-bounding zeal in some minds.  As I researched for this article, I even came across an account that green beer might be eco-friendly beer or beer with spiralina algae added to the brew.  It appears from most accounts, the abounding use of green is sincerely a US tradition, properly formed in Boston if true   No matter, green is a beautiful color, and St. Patrick’s Day is indeed one of the fun holidays. 

So green beer it is, at least in America. Here photographed is two of Everything Kitchens favored glassware for beer.  The Spiegelau Refresh Beer Stein is a classic, heavy, 22 ounce tall mug.  It is specifically designed to refresh the foam cap on the beer when the glass is swirled, and the graduated walls keeps the beer from warming quickly.  The second beer mug is a fun one indeed, that green beer has made its appearance in for St. Patty’s Day at Everything Kitchens.  This Hopside Down Mug from Fred is whimsical and interesting with an upside down beer bottle formed on the interior wall of the glass.  Made of lightweight and strong borosilicate glass, the Hopside Down mug is double walled to insulate your favorite beer and keep it cool.  We have a great selection of mugs and steins to select from by these makers if these from Spiegelau and Fred do not hit your fancy, there is also a couple from Luigi Bormioli.  Everything Kitchens can outfit your bar or party for St. Patty’s Day completely with bar and wine accessories, all the glassware, bottle openers, some Corkcicle bottle chilling sticks, and even a Tender Beer Dispenser from Krups that will serve your beer at the perfect temperatures for drinking.

 Spiegelau Fred

 Hard Cider


To conclude this article, it seemed very fitting to briefly discuss craft beers and homemade hard ciders which are both at home in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.  Homemade beers, ciders, wines, and lesser known meads are an art form to those that choose to endeavor in it.   Yes, it does take time.  And for some, time is something they are not willing to let pass in order to taste something extraordinary and relish the drink made by their own hands.  Comparing the price of your own homemade brews to craft beers, this is where it gets interesting.  To make your own homemade beer or cider, you will spend at least a half to two-thirds less for the same amount of bottled craft beers and hard ciders found in supermarkets and liquor stores.  However, if you are drinking inexpensive canned beers and like them well, making your own beer probably is not a good choice.  It should be said that making your own beer and hard cider allows for experimentation and awareness of a process that cannot be matched by popping the lid on a six-pack from the stores.  Beer or cider making could be your next fun hobby.  At Everything Kitchens, we have beer kits and refills in many selections from Mr. Beer and Cooper’s.  Pictured here is the Mr. Beer-Archer’s Orchard Hard Cider Kit which is currently on my counter at home fermenting away for St. Patrick’s Day.  Down the road a piece, I will be doing a small article on beer, wine, and hard cider making as we have the kits, the refills, and tons of glassware to bottle your brews in.  What I do wish to say at this time is that making beer or hard cider in these kits is an extremely simple process and the guess work has been eliminated in the process.  The kits are lightweight, sanitary, and the plastic reusable.  You still have plenty of time to make beer or cider for St. Patrick’s Day!


Well the time to close it at hand, St. Patrick’s Day is a handful of weeks away.  A classic-type view of St. Patty’s has been shared to liven your holiday and help you prepare in the coming days no matter how you choose to celebrate the GREEN holiday!  Get on your green in dinnerware, tableware, glassware, cookware, bakeware, and cooks tools.  Sit down and relax with a nice bottle of Irish whiskey, or other whisky, no matter how you like to drink it.  Make some homemade beer or cider.  Add some new beer steins or mugs to your collection or use them to host a group of friends this St. Patrick’s Day.  And of course, if you want to make some green cupcakes or an Irish boiled & braised meal of corned beef and cabbage, we have the equipment and tools you need for that kind of thing too. Written by- Alecia Kay, Author & Cook, & Web Content Writer/Product Adder at Everything Kitchens, LLC.

From all of us at Everything Kitchens, HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY!!

Alecia Kay