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Valentine's Day Strawberry Heart and Waffles Breakfast


Strawberry Hearts and Waffles


Strawberry Hearts and Waffles Valentine Breakfast

I love the brilliant colors of Fiestaware tableware and Bormoli Rocco glassware.  Mix and match the pinks and reds together from these product lines, add a few flowers, cloth napkins and a pretty table linens, and poof!  Instant Valentine’s Day appears, and those sitting at your table feel immediately special that you went to the trouble of fixing up such a fine table just for them.  The quality of these manufacturers’ dinnerware and glassware cannot be doubted.  Fresh strawberries, a simple baked bacon and egg casserole, and some beautiful heart shaped waffles send a special message of love to that sweetheart or sweethearts of yours.  Waffles can be made from scratch or from your favored pancake/waffle mix.  This Valentine’s idea is a gift of your time and presence most especially, so leave the cell phones outside the dining room and talk to one another, share your love with closeness and conversation.  Valentine’s Day should be about face to face time, and less about expensive gifts.  The memories made during these times last so much longer than so much in this world.

Products Used
1. CucinaPro Heart Round Waffle Machine
2. Fiestaware Scarlet Small Heart Bowls and Flamingo Medium Heart Bowls
3. Bormioli Rocco Red Rocks Drinking Glasses and ½ Quart Red Ypsilon Carafe
4. Fiestaware Scarlet 4 PC Place setting and Scarlet Companion Set


  • My table was my showcase for the Valentine’s Day theme of this project.  I would note that other table decorations can be found at crafts stores.  I like to purchase these items for the following year by purchasing the heavy discounted items after the holiday is over.  It is my way of saving money for other things I wish to do.
  • I really loved using the heart waffle.  It made such sweetly shaped heart waffles with graceful sloped tops.  I still need to experiment on the settings though.  I love crisp waffles.  I was unsure how long I needed to cook them in order to get the crispness I desired without overcooking the exterior.  One very cool feature of the waffle machine is it has a sounding alert to let you know your waffles are finished, and that the griddle plates are hot.  This little alarm feature would be helpful for the busy cook trying to prepare other foods at the same time as waffles are cooking.  This machine does not make deep indentations into the waffle, but the outside was beautifully browned.  Follow manufacturer directions for conditioning the machine griddle plates prior using, and for cleaning.  After this project, I had a few waffles leftover.  Those I slathered with chocolate-hazel nut butter after I warmed them a bit in my slotted toaster.   Those little heart sandwiches were sheer heaven.  That could be another Valentine’s Day idea for a meal or snack, especially for children.
  • A few flowers are always a beautiful thing for a special meal.  I only wish to say this, and that is treat yourself to flowers every now and again.  You are indeed special.
  • I had tried some experimentation on making bacon fried into hearts.  In the cooking process these shriveled into unrecognizable piles of crisp bacon.  I tried this both in the skillet and in the oven on a baking sheet.  This was a failure and needs much more evaluation and use of existing products to see if it is possible.  My boss suggested turkey bacon would hold its shape.  I had to agree, but by the time that was thought about this article was near due date.  I will, however, work on this one.  Almost everyone in US territory loves bacon…ha-ha!! Written by: Alecia Kay