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Valentine’s Dinner Steak for Two

Steak Dinner for Two  

Valentine’s Dinner Steak for Two

Steak dinner, oh yum!!  Steak can be a struggle to cook for the novice, but many people have turned grilling and steak-making into an art form.  Later, there will be articles on grilling and preparing steaks.  The purpose of this creative Valentine’s Day idea is the steak brand and the romance of dinner for two.  The Barbuzzo BBQ Branding Iron is a new product for us at Everything Kitchens.  It was so fun to use.  I giggled as I thought about what I wanted to say to my boyfriend via steak brand messaging.  I ended up searing in the message, “You are so hot.”  This is an appropriate word given to the sweet, handsome man that has won my heart.  This is our first Valentine’s Day together as a couple.

Products Used

1. Fiestaware Scarlet Companion Set – Platter Used
2. Urban Trends Barbuzzo BBQ Branding Iron



  • I am not going to give steak cooking advice here.  Simple can be difficult in cooking because you cannot hide the final results with complex methods of preparation or a plethora of spices and sauces.  Just know, this advice will be coming with equipment selections to help you make steak better than you did before reading the article.
  • The BBQ Branding Iron words took some thought, only because your phrase is backwards as you insert the letters into the channel areas.  It helped me to assemble my letters looking at the brand from the top and upside down to make sure my message read correctly and letters were not backwards on the steak.
  • You will want to condition the brand as you would a piece of cast iron prior using.  I did a simple method of heating, adding a light rubbing of vegetable oil, heating till hot, and then oiling again.  I found in the branding process itself that oiling had to come prior each time I used the BBQ Branding Iron.
  • I only put steak on this plate as I arranged it for photography.  As I thought about it, I wanted you to have a place to put your own accompaniment that you love with steak.  Maybe it is garlic mashed potatoes with a melted cheese topping, a big baked sweet potato with loads of butter and brown sugar, or maybe it is a crisp green salad with fresh bread.  Do this to please yourself and the one you love this Valentine’s Day.  Make it simple, easy, and relaxed.  Again, enjoy the special time of romance, love, and face time.
    Written by: Alecia Kay