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Vitamix Super 5200 Blender Package

Item #: SUPERVM13

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  • Vita-Mix Blenders Super 5200 Package - Black/Onyx
  • VitaMix Super 5200 Deluxe Blender Package
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  • Vita-Mix Blenders Super 5200 Package - Black/Onyx
  • Vita-Mix Super 5200 Blender Package
  • Vita-Mix Super 5200 Blender Package
  • Vita-Mix Super 5200 Blender Package

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    More Views

    • Vita-Mix Blenders Super 5200 Package - Black/Onyx
    • Vita-Mix Super 5200 Blender Package
    • Vita-Mix Super 5200 Blender Package
    • Vita-Mix Super 5200 Blender Package

    The Vitamix Super 5200 Blenders

    NOTE: The only Authorized dealer of Vitamix 5200 Blenders is Vitamix and you will be subject to their Sales Tax Policy. To ensure Warranty coverage you must purchase from Vitamix.

    The Vitamix 5200 Blender replaced the Vitamix 5000 Blender.

    The New Standard For High Performance Blenders: Vita Mix Super 5200 Blender At A Glance

    What's Included with a Vita Mix 5200 and Product Features:
    Includes new containers, and a new look. Our Vita Mix Super package includes two containers: One 64 oz. wet blade container with all-new soft-grip handle, One new 32-oz dry blade container (The dry blade container is designed for most efficient for grinding grain, beans, and rice into nutrient-dense flour). Both containers are made of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester.

    • New Eastman Tritan™ copolyester containers are as durable as polycarbonate, feature improved sound damping and is chemical resistant. The 64 oz. comes with ergonomic soft-grip handle.
    • New Swedish-built 2 peak HP motor, custom designed for this machine, runs substantially cooler with energy savings and improved performance.
    • Feedback-type variable speed control provides consistent power regardless of load. Speed ranges from 11 m.p.h. to 240 m.p.h., wider than any standard blender.
    • Unique stainless steel hammermill and cutting "wet" blades process whole foods for smoothies, frozen desserts, soups and more like no other appliance to deliver up to 3 times the nutrition.
    • New soft-touch switches and dial with a new designer label.
    • 2 Patented NEW easy-off 2-part lids, spill-proof vented lids, sized for each container, with removable twist-off lid plugs conveniently marked with measurement marks, to let you measure and add ingredients safely while machine is running.
    • Patented tamper for extreme processing power helps when preparing foods such as nut butters and frozen treats.
    • Quick and easy clean-up. Just add a few drops of dish soap, some warm water and run for 30 seconds on high. Done!

    Bonus Values Included With Your Vita Mix Super 5200 Package:
    Vita Mix Super 5200 Blender
    As part of your cookbook package, you’ll receive “Let’s Get Started,” a tutorial DVD illustrating all the basics covered in your Getting Started guide.
    VitaMix Super 5200 Blender
    Getting Started is a guide to all the basic Vitamix processes in a step-by-step format. This is included in your cookbook package.
    Vita Mix Super 5200 Blender
    The Whole Food Recipes cookbook package is a full-color, hard-bound, 3-ring style book with easel-back convenience. Contains hundreds of recipes.
    VitaMix Super 5200 Blender
    The Whole Grains cookbook includes recipes for use with your 32 oz. Dry Grains container like gluten-free and whole grain breads and cereals.
    Vita Mix Super 5200 Blender
    One 32-oz dry blade Eastman Tritan™ copolyester container. The Vitamix 32 oz. Dry Grains container is designed for efficient processing of dry grains into flour.
    Vitamix 5200 Blender - 35 Amazing Uses-10 Kitchen Appliances In One Incredible Machine!
    Click Here To View The 35 Amazing Uses
    7 Year Vitamix Warranty:
    Vita-Mix guarantees that your Vita-Mix will perform like new for a full seven years from the date of purchase or they will repair it for FREE.
    Click to view Warrantee
    Click Here For VitaMix Super 5200 Warranty Details
    Vitamix 5200 and Super 5200 Blender Videos30 Day In Home Trial-Only Good For Vita Mix 5200, Super 5200, and Deluxe Blenders

    Vitamix 5200 Unit dimensions:
    • 20-1/2" tall (with 64 oz. container in place)
    • 8-3/4" deep
    • 7-1/4" wide
    • 10 lbs. 9 oz.

    Vitamix 5200 Motor base:
    • Approximately 2 peak horsepower Swedish motor custom-designed for Vita-Mix.
    • 120 volt, 60 hz, 11.5 amps
    • High-efficiency radial cooling fan
    • Thermal protection system to prevent overload and burnout
    • Low-friction ball-bearing motor built to last a lifetime
    • Heavy-duty, hide-away safety cord extends 19 inches to 6 feet and has a grounded 3-prong plug
    White, Brushed Stainless, Platinum Black or Red wear-resistant base.

    Vitamix 5200 Blender 64 oz Container:
    • 64 oz. wet-blade container with stainless steel hammermill and cutting blades.
    • Two part vented lid with measurements.
    • Soft-grip ergonomic handle

    Vitamix 5200 Tamper:
    • Patented accelerator tool with specially-designed collar to prevent tool from hitting blades.

    Vita-Mix 5200 - Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What exactly is the difference between the Vita Mix 5200 and the Vita-Mix 5000 machine?
    A lot! First, the Vita-Mix 5200 has an all-new container that is made of an all-new material just developed this year by Eastman called Tritan™. Tritan is a copolyester, which is as strong and durable as polycarbonate, yet was formulated without BPA. The container also features improved sound damping during certain operations and improved chemical resistance with regards to cleaning compounds. There is also a new no-drip spout on the new container.

    Complementing the new container are functional upgrades and exciting designer touches. The new easy-to-remove lid with “flaps” makes for smoother operation and a new twist-off lid plug means that it’s easier—and safer—to add ingredients for recipes like chunky soups. What’s great is that the plug (also made of Tritan) is conveniently marked with measurements. New design elements include an ergonomic comfort-grip handle that not only feels good, but looks good, too. The switches and dial have also been upgraded to a soft-touch look and feel and the label adds a touch of elegance to the classic Vita-Mix look.

    At the heart of the Vita Mix 5200 Blender is a new and more efficient 2 peak horsepower motor. This motor has been custom-designed—just for Vita-Mix—to run substantially cooler when processing the heavier-than-normal mixtures such as peanut butter and ice cream, two favorite Vita-mix recipes.

    The Vita Mix 5200 comes with some all-new bonus gifts, too. The all-new “Let’s Get Started!” cooking class on DVD is TV cooking show quality with a great hostess. The DVD is really enjoyable to watch, start to finish. The DVD does feature convenient view buttons, however, so you can easily access a particularly recipe you would like to see. The food photos are superb, the recipes are easy and delicious, and the hints really come in handy!

    The “Getting Started” guide, the companion cookbook to the DVD, is all-new, too—and it’s already getting rave reviews. Again, you get gorgeous photos and super-easy instructions for all the recipes found on the DVD--and more!

    The “Whole Food Recipes” cookbook has a new look, too, and the many of the recipes have been updated and improved, fresh from the Vita-Mix test kitchen!

    What we haven’t changed is the amazing 7-year performance warranty—Vita-Mix still absolutely guarantees that your Vita-mix Super 5200 Blender will run like new (under normal household conditions) for 7 full years from the date or purchase. We have an amazing customer service that can “troubleshoot” most everything with you, but, in the unlikely event a repair is needed, Vita-Mix will fix your Vitamix Super 5200 Blender for free if you are still under your 7-year warranty. All repair and assembly operations are located at the Vita-Mix world headquarters in the USA, in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

    Q: Why did Vita-Mix decide to replace the polycarbonate container on the Vitamix Super 5200 Blender?
    The Vita Mix product development team has always kept up-to-date on alternative container materials and discovered that Eastman Chemical Company was developing a new material that happened to be BPA-free. Being aware of a growing controversy regarding the BPA in polycarbonate, Vita-Mix felt that the new Tritan™ was a wise choice for it’s toughness, increased sound damping and resistance to cracking in addition to the fact that it contained no BPA.

    Q: Is there any real danger in using the Vita Mix polycarbonate container?
    There is not. Polycarbonate is 100% food safe and certified and tested by NSF and other agencies around the world. Polycarbonate is absolutely safe up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and food prepared according to Vita-Mix instructions would never reach anywhere near that level of heat.

    Much of the “internet buzz” on BPA concerns heating food in polycarbonate container in a microwave or storing food in polycarbonate containers, which again, does not relate to Vita-Mix processing in any way. Vita-Mix does not recommend storing processed food in the container for any amount of time.

    The BPA controversy arose several years ago when two independent scientists microwaved baby formula in a polycarbonate baby bottle for 30 minutes on high. As you might imagine, the bottle actually melted and a small amount of BPA was found in the formula when tested. These extreme conditions are definitely not normal household conditions and this test was not authorized or recognized by the American Plastics Association.

    Q: Why is it that glass was not chosen for the Vita-Mix Super 5200 Blender container, Glass is BPA-free?

    Due to the high speed of the blades and the powerful motor, glass is an unsafe option for the Vita Mix 5200. If a spoon, or other utensil, were to be accidentally dropped in or left in the container during processing, the glass container could shatter or explode and cause serious injury.

    Q: Why does the Vita-Mix Super 5200 have a new motor that’s made in Sweden? Was anything wrong with the old one?
    The motor in the Vita Mix 5000 and Super 5000 models was the most powerful and most efficient on the market when Vita-Mix was using it. It was an excellent motor and extremely powerful one. Because we now sell in over 80 countries, we have been fortunate enough to meet some new global manufacturers who can offer more cutting edge components –and the new motor is one that we were fortunate enough to come across. The manufacturer has actually custom-designed the new motor, just for Vita-Mix. Taking into consideration the wide variety of extreme processes we want the Vita-Mix Super 5200 Blender to handle with ease, the new motor really rises to the challenge. It runs substantially cooler when handling heavy mixtures such as peanut butter, ice cream and batters for extended periods of time. Vita-Mix decided that this new, improved motor should be an integral part of our first new household blender in 15 years.

    Q: The new Vita-Mix Super 5200 costs quite a bit more than the Super 5000 model. How can I convince myself that it’s worth the extra money?
    Easily. First, you have a new, extremely durable container with a no-drip spout, an all-new lid with easy-off “flaps”, a new twist-off lid plug with measurements and a stylish comfort-grip handle that matches the new lid. Next, you have with the Vita-Mix Super 5200 what we determine to be the best small appliance motor on the market—one that will run cooler and more efficiently when handle a wide range or processes. Add to that the upgraded, soft-touch switches and dial, and you already have a real difference. The new bonus gifts are the real icing on the cake. The DVD cooking class is fun, informative and so user-friendly. You can use the convenient view buttons to watch any process you really want to work on over and over again. The all-new “Getting Started” guide has gorgeous full-color photography and is coordinated perfectly with the recipes in the cooking class. The “Whole Food Recipes” cookbook is improved and updated, too. This Vita-Mix Super 5200 Blender package is priceless!

    Q: What is included in the Cooking Class on DVD?
    The DVD covers everything from making a simple whole food juice to grinding grain and kneading dough for whole wheat bread and then cleaning your machine. Seventeen recipes and/or processes are explained in detail, with interesting cooking tips and tricks included. You will really enjoy watching as Katherine, your Vita-Mix hostess, tells you the whole story!

    Q: The new Vita-Mix Super 5200 Blender container is made of Eastman Tritan copolyester. What exactly is a copolyester?
    There is a lot of chemistry involved in the explanation, but basically, here’s how it works: Polyesters are made by stringing together a chain of esters using multifunctional molecules (acids or esters). The polyester most people are familiar with is called PET, and some copolyesters are based on PET but tailored to yield a range of properties for specific applications. Eastman’s new Tritan™ copolyester is produced in a similar way, but it is not based on PET chemistry, but rather a new monomer that gives it higher heat resistance, excellent impact resistance and increased resistance to cleaning agents.

    Additional Information

    Name Vitamix Super 5200 Blender Package
    GTIIN / UPC Code 00703113017599
    Brands Vitamix
    Type Blenders
    Options On-Counter
    Home or Commercial Home
    Material Plastic and Steel
    Capacity 64oz./ 2 Quarts
    Manufacturer's Warranty 7 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
    Voltage (volts) 120
    Weight (in Lbs) 0.1

    Customer Questions

      Questions on Vitamix 5200 Blenders with New Eastman Tritan copolyester Vitamix 5200 blender containers.

      • Q:  do you ship to Canada
      • A:  No, we do take Canadian Credit cards but ship only within the US.
      • Q:  Can I make Almond butter, ice cream & hot soup in this machine ?
      • A:  Yes you may use the VitaMix 5200 to make nut butters, frozen desserts and hot soups.
      • Q:  Is the 5200c compatible with 50hz electricity ? tx henry
      • A:  The Vita Mix 5200c is wired for use in the United States. It is not compatible with 50hz electricity.
      • Q:  To ensure Warranty coverage you must purchase from Vitamix - does this mean if I buy from your site, there won't be a 7 year warranty?
      • A:  When you order a Vita-Mix from our site you are automatically rerouted to the Vita-Mix site. We are a referral program site. When you order from our site you receive a $25.00 coupon for free shipping which is automatically applied to your order. The warranty does not change when you use our site for ordering.
      • Q:  Do the blades ever need replacing? How long might they last?
      • A:  The Vita-Mix 5200 blender blades can be sharpened. The blades should last about 2 years with normal wear and tear. If you use your blender a lot for chopping nuts, rice or any other hard products then you might have to change out the blades sooner. You will be able to tell when your blades need replacing by the sound that the motor makes. It will sound different, like it is being bogged down.
      • Q:  Can I order a unit that is compatible to the Philippines' voltage of 220 volts. Do you deliver to the Philippines?
      • A:  We only sell the 110 volt Vita Mix Blenders. We are unable to ship to addresses outside the United States.

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    I enjoy using my Vita-Mix Blender everyday. I like making smoothies every morning for breakfast.

    I have the Vita-Mix Blender Model 5000, bought the 5200 model when it was demo. (Posted on 3/3/08)

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