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Fiesta Color Comparisons, Bowl Sizes, Canister Sizes and More!

By About Chef Austin Chef Austin  

Do you love Fiesta Dinnerware? What Fiesta colors should you get next? Do you need to replace a Fiesta bowl from your dinnerware set? We've gone through all these questions and more in our Fiesta Dinnerware video series. See all the Fiesta colors side by side so you can the color right for you. Have a question about Fiesta? Give us a call at 866-852-4268 and we'll help you out!


Our Favorite Fiesta Color Combinations


Why settle for just one Fiesta color? Check out our favorite Fiesta color combinations for inspiration.

All Fiesta Dinnerware Colors Under Different Lighting Conditions


Why does my Fiesta dinnerware look like a different color than what I ordered from the pictures online? That's a common question we're here to answer. Everyone perceives colors differently and your Fiesta colors may look different in your home. The color can be affected by the sounding area and the lighting conditions. The images we have on our website are directly from Fiesta. These images were taken with professional studio lighting - the lighting in your house will be different and will affect how your mixer looks in your own home. We recorded these Fiesta plates under studio lighting and typical incandescent lights so you can see the differences. 

Fiesta Mulberry Color Combinations Guide

Mulberry with White, Poppy, Daffodil, Lemongrass, Foundry, Sage, Slate, Ivory, Turquoise


Mulberry is the Fiesta Dinnerware color of the year. This deep purple color is beautiful by itself but is easily complimented by other Fiesta colors. Mulberry pairs well with White, Poppy, Daffodil, Lemongrass, Foundry, Sage, Slate, Ivory, and Turquoise.

Fiesta Bowl Comparison


What size Fiesta bowl do you need for your kitchen? Do you need a Fiesta replacement bowl for one that has been lost or broken? We go through ALL the different size bowls from Fiesta. This video will help you identify Fiesta bowls including the bistro bowl, cereal bowl, fruit bowl, gusto bowl, Fiesta stacking cereal bowl, nesting bowls, and more. 

Fiesta White and Ivory Color Comparison


Do you want white or ivory dishes in your kitchen? We compare Fiesta colors of white and ivory side by side and in different lighting conditions so you can see what they can look like in your kitchen.


Find the Fiesta Markings and Logo


Do you think your Fiesta is unmarked? Need to find the Fiesta "Fiesta" logo? We go through how to find the logo and explain why the Fiesta markings may be missing.

Fiesta Canister Comparison


Everything Kitchens compares Fiesta collection of canisters so you can find out what size canister you need. Looking to have easy access to your favorite foods and most used ingredients? Check out all the sizes of canisters that Fiesta offers so you can choose the right sizes for your kitchen. We tested each canister with common ingredients you might put in each and give you more ideas of what you can put into your Fiesta storage pieces.