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How It Works

500 Points = $5 Reward

$5.00 minimum for reward redemption

Reward Tiers

Points To Hit Tier
Reward Points
Tier Bonus
100 Points
$1 = 1 Point
750 Points
$1 = 1.5 Points
1,500 Points
$1 = 2 Points
1,000 Points
*Tier ranking based on spend within 365 days

Ways to Earn

PINTEREST PIN (share from the product page)
50 Points
100 Points
100 Points




How do I earn rewards?
There are many ways you can earn points. This could be through joining our email list, referrals, purchases & more. Please see the Ways To Earn list above to see the full list.
**There is a limit of 100 product reviews per customer account.

How do I sign up for rewards?
Simply create an account at www.everythingkitchens.com and you will be automatically enrolled! You get 100 points just for
signing up!

How quickly will my rewards update after a purchase is made?
Reward balances will be updated as soon as your order ships. Rewards may be redeemed on subsequent orders.

How do I redeem my rewards?
Your reward balance will be made available in the checkout process once your balance reaches 500 points, or $5.00. There is a
$5.00 minimum for reward redemption.

What if I return a purchase I previously earned rewards on?
There will be a deduction of points per dollar returned from your reward balance.

Where can I check my rewards balance?
You can check your balance online at www.everythingkitchens.com once logged into your account.

Are there any transactions that I will not earn rewards on?
Gift card purchases and donations made to World Vision do not qualify to earn rewards.
However, purchases made with the gift card will earn reward points as long as they are made while logged into an account.

Can my rewards be used in combination with other coupons and discounts?
They sure can! As long as your reward balance is at 500 points or above, you may redeem your reward points at any time.

Do my rewards expire?
Rewards are valid for 365 days from the date they are made available.

What if I return merchandise that I used my rewards on?
Rewards are a one-time use. They will not be reissued.

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