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Cutlery & Knife Sets
For two centuries, WÜSTHOF's precision-forged cutlery has been produced in Germany by a small, specialized team of blade experts. WÜSTHOF knives are the cherished tools of experienced chefs and home cooks alike due to WÜSTHOF's dedication to manufacturing some of the sharpest cutlery on the market.
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  • Wusthof Specials

    See the latest promotions and specials available on Wusthof cutlery and knife sets. Plus, learn more about this month's featured Knife of the Month and how you can save.
  • Wusthof Knife Block Sets

    Knife block sets from WÜSTHOF range from utilitarian Grand Prix II Studio set (5-pieces) all the way up to Classic Mega set (36-pieces). Each block set comes with an attractive hardwood knife block to hold various configurations of paring knives, cook's knives, slicing knives, and more.
  • Gift Sets

    With products like steak knife sets, cheese cutter sets, knife-and-sharpener kits, WÜSTHOF gift sets make thoughtful gifts for wedding parties, college graduates, retirees, or oneself. Many items in the gifts index come with decorative wooden cases or molded displays.
  • Wusthof Gourmet Knife Collection

    Affordably priced and manufactured from a single piece of steel, the WÜSTHOF Gourmet series includes knives and knife blocks sets for every level of food enthusiast. All of the Gourmet collection knives over 5" use a full-tang handle design, making knives less likely to break under high stress.
  • Wusthof Classic Knife Collection

    This index includes all open-stock WÜSTHOF Classic Series knives and cutlery sets: paring knives, cook's knives, and utility knives, as well as specialty blades like fillet knives and meat cleavers. Everything Kitchens is happy to offer the Classic cutlery series with straight, serrated, and hollow-edge cutting surfaces.
  • Wusthof Epicure

    The Wüsthof Epicure Cutlery Collection features recycled wood fiber handles, invisible ceramic coating for decreased friction, and extra knuckle clearance. These forged knives are sharpened with laser guided precision and tempered to 58° Rockwell Hardness. The Epicure line also sports extra knuckle clearance for those with larger hands.
  • Wusthof Classic IKON Knife Collection

    In this index are all open-stock Classic Ikon Series knives. The Wüsthof Classic Ikon collection contains knives for all occasions, including cook's knives, santoku knives, and paring knives, as well as specialty blades like bread knives and carving sets. Classic Ikon cutlery is available with straight, serrated, and hollow-edge cutting surfaces.
  • Wusthof IKON Blackwood

    With their exotic African blackwood handles and high-carbon German steel blades, the Wusthof IKON line includes some of the company's most luxurious cutlery offerings to date. Our IKON selection includes straight-edge chef knives and hollow-edge santokus, paring knives, bread carvers, and full knife block sets.
  • Wusthof Grand Prix II Cutlery Collection

    This collection of knives and cutlery from Wüsthof is forged from tempered high-carbon steel. Designed with an emphasis on ergonomics (comfortability in the hand), the Grand Prix II series includes tomato knives, utility knives, and matching steak knife sets, plus many others styles of blades.
  • Wusthof Pro Line

    Perfect for the home cook, student chef or commercial kitchens. Wüsthof Pro Line knives and cutlery use synthetic, textured handles to provide a solid grip and maximum blade control.
  • Paring Knives

    Paring knives are designed for intricate kitchen work, such as peeling fruits and vegetables and removing seeds from peppers. Wüsthof paring knives are available with straight, serrated, and hollow-edge blades, ranging in size from 2.75"–4.5".
  • Cooks Knives

    All purpose cooks' knives use a low-drag cutting edge to effortlessly slice, cut, and chop through foods. Wüsthof cooks' knives (chefs' knives) may be used in many different food preparation tasks, and are available in straight and hollow-edge models.
  • Santoku Knives

    Wüsthof santoku knives are available with straight, serrated, and hollow-edge blades to produce clean slices in vegetables and seafood. These multi-use santoku knives range from 5"–7" in size.
  • Bread Knives

    Wüsthof non-electric bread knives are available in 8", 9", and 10" models. These serrated bread knive are ideal for cutting crusty breads like French bread baguettes, ciabatta, sourdough, and sandwich rolls.
  • Carving Knives

    Ham slicers, turkey carvers, and sandwich knives are essential tools for holiday gatherings. These long, slender WüsthofF knives are available with straight, serrated, and hollow-edge blades, ranging in size from 6"–12".
  • Fillet Knives

    Fillet knives from the WÜSTHOF company use specially-forged thin, pliable blades to provide precise filleting of fish and game. These fillet knives are easily sharpened and laser tested for accuracy.
  • Meat Cleavers

    Wüsthof German-made cleavers are heavily weighted and ultra sharp to split bones effortlessly—as quickly as the first strike in experienced hands. Meat cleavers are available in sizes up to 9" and weighing 1,100 grams (2.4 pounds).
  • Specialty Knives

    Specialty Knives include cheese slicers, tomato knives, and mezzalunas, each with the same quality you've come to expect from Wüsthof's other lines and offerings.
  • Steak Knives

    These hand-forged, individual steak knives from Wüsthof provide a hefty and balanced cut for steaks and other meats.
  • Wusthof Accessories

    The WÜSTHOF company makes everything from knife blocks and knife sharpeners to aprons and travel gear to support its prestigious collection of cutlery tools. These accessories can help to complete your collection.