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Ankarsrum Stand Mixers
Ankarsrum stand mixers are the successors to the Electrolux (DLX) Assistent mixers. Handmade in Sweden with the same parts and design as the Electrolux models, Ankarsrum mixers are available in more than 10 designer finishes and are capable of mixing, blending, and juicing with additional attachments.

Grid List

  1. Ankarsrum Assistent Original Stand Mixers - All Colors

    Save $50 on Red, Mineral White & Royal Blue thru July 12th!

    Our Price: $799.95
  2. Ankarsrum Double Whisk Beaters

    Model: AK-1511
    Our Price: $33.95
  3. Ankarsrum Blender Attachment

    Model: AK-1209
    Our Price: $85.95
  4. Ankarsrum 3-Drum Set for the Vegetable Slicer Attachment

    Model: AK-1204
    Our Price: $124.95
  5. Ankarsrum Citrus Juicer Attachment

    Model: AK-1207
    Our Price: $42.95
  6. Ankarsrum Basic Meat Grinder Accessory

    Model: AK-1205
    Our Price: $185.95
  7. Ankarsrum Mixing Bowl: 3.7 Quarts, Plastic

    Model: AK-1510
    Our Price: $30.95
  8. Ankarsrum Grain Mill and Coffee Grinder Attachment

    Model: AK-1201
    Our Price: $159.95
  9. Ankarsrum Grater and Nut Grinder Accessory

    Model: AK-1405
    Our Price: $62.95
  10. Ankarsrum Flake Mill Attachment

    Model: AK-1202
    Our Price: $159.95
  11. Ankarsrum Pasta Maker Discs

    Model: AK-1406
    Our Price: $35.95
  12. Ankarsrum Cookie Cutter Attachment

    Model: AK-1407
    Our Price: $46.95
  13. Ankarsrum Drive Shaft: Shaft to Double Beaters

    Model: AK-1512
    Our Price: $26.95

Grid List

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