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What blender jars are compatible with Blendtec Blenders? One of the great things I love about Blendtec is their variety of jars to choose from. There are some notoriously difficult foods to blend in any blender and Blendtec addresses everything from nut-butters to single serve smoothies. Blendtec has done a wonderful thing and made all of their jars compatible with all of their home blenders, so no confusion at all. 

Unlike its competitors, Blendtec blenders use no tamper, a long stick used to stir food and break air bubbles while blending. The design of their jars pushes food up and pulls it back down to the blunt safety blade eliminating the need for a tamper. All of Blendtec's Jars include the patented wingtip blade, it is cold forged and is strong enough to withstand any food, so much that Blendtec offers a LIFETIME warranty on their blades. The safety blade has no sharp edges, it will not cut you if you touch it (while the blender is off). 



The Wildside Blendtec Blender Jar is going to be your work-horse, it's the most versatile jar and comes standard with almost all new Blendtec blenders. The Wildside is named so because of it's unique fifth side on the blender jar. The fifth side of this Blendtec blender jar allows a high powered vortex to be created in the center that pulls all food items down into the blade for smooth consistency in fruits and food products. The WildSide creates a better blending vortex than the Classic FourSide jar making it easier to make your morning green smoothie or frozen ice cream for desert. The WildSide is a 3 quart jar and has a 4" blade. It's great to have an extra when your creating lots of recipes in the kitchen to work quickly between recipes. 

Mini WildSide 

All the greatness of the WildSide blender jar, just in a mini fun size. The mini is designed with the patented five sideds like the full size jar. This smaller jar is the solution for small portions, like making a batch of garlic aioli, or for single-serve smoothies. Smaller portions are more difficult to blend in a full size jar because in the full size jar, the lack of ingredients for the blades to catch make it difficult to blend. Using a smaller area for recipes that call for less ingredients are the solution to this problem. The Mini WildSide is 46oz, which is a little under half capacity of the full size model. 

Twister Jar

The Twister Jar is specifically designed for notoriously difficult foods to blend like nut butters, hummus, pesto, bread dough, and smaller serving sizes. This new blender jar brings a manual concept into the Blendtec world. The top of the jar has a lid with attached scrappers that you twist to push thick products off the jar walls to ensure an even smooth blend. The twister jar is also good for guacamole, extra thick shakes, dressings, sauces, and small smoothies. The Twister Jar is 37oz in size. 

Classic FourSide

Blendtec's original blender jar design. The square jar creates a vortex to pull food down to the blunt blade which makes the blending action effecient enough to not need the help of a tamper. The Classic FourSide jar is smaller than its brother the Wildside, it's 2 quarts and has a 3" blade which would make it great for slighlty smaller batches of hot soup and smoothies. The FourSide is less expensive than the WildSide, pick one up to dedicate it to grind whole grains, as grinding grains can cloud up your blender jar (no matter what blender you use!).

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