Ankarsrum Assistent Mixer Overview and Advantages

Ankarsrum Assistent Mixer Overview and Advantages
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Ankarsrum Assistent Mixer Overview and Advantages



Every Ankarsrum Assistent Original Mixer is handmade in Sweden - as it has been done for the past 70 years. The Ankarsrum Mixer has the ability to expand all the wonderful possibilities and push your baking to the next level with its various attachments. But why choose Ankarsrum over other stand mixers? Let's take a look at the advantages Ankarsrum has over the competition.






Advantages of Ankarsrum Over Other Mixers 


The Dough Roller That Makes Perfect Loaves


Ankarsrum Dough Mixer

Ankarsrum delivers a supple and tender loaf of dough.


The biggest advantage the Ankarsrum has is its dough roller and 7.4qt mixing bowl. The dough roller is unique to the Ankarsrum. It mimics the work of your hands gently kneading and stretching the dough.



Ankarsrum vs KitchenAid Pro 600 Dough Mixing

Other mixers can forcefully stretch and tear the dough, leading to tougher end results. 


Compare this with other mixer’s dough hooks that can forcefully tear and stretch doughs which can become easily over-kneaded and tough. The roller is gentle enough to prevent over-kneading by ensuring too much gluten isn't developed making tougher bread. With Ankarsrum you’ll get a supple and tender loaf of dough.



Two Mixing Bowls Included For Every Task


Ankarsrum Wet Ingredients

The open-bowl design makes it easy to add in ingredients while mixing. 


The Ankarsrum Mixer includes two bowls for mixing. The first bowl included is the 7.4qt stainless steel bowl - one of the largest home mixing bowls on the market. It can handle up to 21 cups of flour or around 13lbs of dough! Compare that to similar mixers that can only handle 14 cups of flour. The large bowl along with the gentle roller makes this mixer our top recommendation for bread bakers.


Ankarsrum Plastic BowlThe 3.7qt plastic bowl is BPA-free and incredibly durable!


Also included is the 3.7qt plastic bowl - it’s large enough to make five dozencookies, but also great for smaller batches. Similar mixer bowls can be too large for small batches, and require a separate purchase for a smaller bowl and mixing tool. The large open-bowl design also makes it easy to add in ingredients (without some of your flour spilling all over the counter).



The Built-in Timer


Ankarsrum Timer

Set the built-in timer for up to 12 minutes so you can multitask in the kitchen.


Easily set Ankarsrum's built-in timer to knead your dough while you multitask in the kitchen. When the timer ends, the mixer automatically shuts off. Other mixers can require you to babysit the mixer while it mixes. 



Powerful Worm-Gear Drive Motor


Ankarsrum Meat Grinder

 Process multiple pounds of meat at a time with the meat grinder attachment.

Under the hood, the Ankarsrum has a worm gear drive motor. This motor can continuously run much longer than competitors' products that can require a 30 minute cool-down period for every 10 minutes of continuous running time. The worm-gear motor is also much quieter than the competition.



Longest Mixer Warranty


Ankarsrum Warranty

Ankarsrum mixers come with a 7-year warranty. Compare that to KitchenAid's 1-year warranty on most mixers.


And finally, the Ankarsrum has a 7-year warranty on the power unit; 1-year warranty on accessories compared to only a 1-year warranty of the competition. Ankarsrum is very confident in the quality of their Swedish-made mixer knowing that you'll be mixing for years guaranteed.



Attachments to Transform your Mixer  


Ankarsrum can do more than just mix. Attachments can transform your mixer into another appliance! Popular attachments like pasta rollers & cutters, meat grinders, and food shredders are available. Unique attachments for the Ankarsrum mixers include a blender, cookie press, and nut grinder. Thanks to the design of the Ankarsrum worm-gear drive motor, you can use attachments, like the meat grinder, for long periods of time as there is no cool-down period and less strain on the motor when using attachments. Here are the top mixer attachments for your Ankarsrum mixer:




Want to see how the Ankarsrum compares to the KitchenAid mixer? Be sure to check out our Ankarsrum VS KitchenAid Pro 600 mixer comparison video and article here








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