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Let Everything Kitchens Help You Find a Coffeemaker That Is Right for You

Tips for Buying a Coffeemaker

Coffee Makers

Bring out the best flavors from your fresh ground coffee.

1. If your primary concern is to keep coffee hot  in your coffeemaker for long periods of time, we do recommend a thermal coffeemaker like the Cuisinart Perfect Temp 2800.  While coffee makers with glass crafes and heating plates, like the Krups Savoy 12 Cup Thermal Coffee Maker, can keep coffee hot for a long period of time they have a tendency to make coffee taste burnt or stale.

2. If you consistently find yourself (or hear others) describing your homemade coffee as burnt, stale, old, or truck-stop, then a thermal coffeemaker might be just the ticket. These do not have a heating plate, using instead thermal coffee pot walls to keep coffee warm. This virtually eliminates the burnt-coffee taste. KitchenAid and Cuisinart offer several thermal coffeemakes to choose from.

OXO Barista Brain Pour Over Coffee Maker

OXO Barista Brain Pour Over Coffee Maker

3. Tired of bitter coffee? It could be because of the drip coffee method can over heat and unevenly steep your coffee grounds. If you want a pour over style coffee like from the coffee shop, the process has been automated and is easier than ever. OXO's Barista Brain has a special computer processor that heats water to the perfect brewing temperature and evenly soaks coffee grounds with it's Rainmaker shower head. Cuisinart, KitchenAid, and MocaMaster also have pour over coffee makers that make a less bitter and more flavorful coffee.

4. If you're into gadgetry and features, you have a heart for DIY, or you simply love fresh-ground coffee, Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffeemakers grind fresh, whole coffee beans right in the very machine that brews them—you literally can not get fresher coffee than this. Some grind-and-brew machines are programmable as well, so you can wake up to fresh-ground, piping-hot coffee early in the morning, or have a fresh cup waiting when you get home from work. If you like this concept but need something flashier and higher-end, Jura-Capresso has their own take on grind-and-brew.

5. If you're in the market for a commercial coffeemaker for your coffee shop or brewhäus, you'll want to check out our Bunn Commercial Coffee and Tea collection. This line includes everything from commercial tea brewers to hot pots, and of course, some pretty nifty coffee machines.

6. If you like the idea of single-serving coffeemakers, how about looking at some of our capsule-based machines? Most grocery stores today carry coffee pods (K-Cup capsules), so you should never find yourself too far from a fresh cup. Why waste a pot of coffee when you only plan to drink a cup or two? And why subject yourself to stale coffee any longer? Everything Kitchens carries single-cup coffeemakers like, the spartan Cuisinart Single Serve Brew System SS-5W, up to the fancier, feature-rich Cuisinart SS-10. We also sell coffee pods for these machines on our Website.

Jura z6 Espresso Machine Touch Screen

Jura Z6 is a coffee shop in one machine. It has a touch screen interface and is programmable.

7. If quality is your number-one concern, have a look at our higher-end offerings from Saeco and Jura-Capresso. They do everything from grinding your beans to making the percect espresso. 

8. If you're looking for espresso coffee machines, look no further than Delonghi. They make machines compatible with Nespresso coffee pods and machines that will make you the perfect hot shot of espresso with your own grinds.

9. Want to know which coffeemakers to avoid? We recommend you read the reviews on our site for each product. No one can tell you better than a coffeelover scorned which products have missed the mark. Generally, if a coffee machine has numerous and recurring issues, we hear about it, and in turn try to make this information public for the betterment of our customers.

We hope this article has helped you find a coffeemaker to suit your needs. If you still have questions, call us toll-free at (866) 852-4268, or e-mail us at info@everythingkitchens.com.

By Emily Church