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Review: Cuisinart Pure Precision Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

Review by About Chef Austin Chef Austin 



Drip coffee makers are a thing of the past 
with the rise of electric pour-over coffee makers. Pour-over coffee has been done by hand in coffee shops for many years and now is making its way to your kitchen with an automated process. The newer machines take out the guesswork of how hot you need your water and the soaking process to create a perfect pour-over cup of joe. Cuisinart has one of the most advanced electric pour-over coffee brewers, giving you total control of the flavor and temperature of your finished coffee. Let's take a look at the PurePrecision from Cuisinart. 


Everything you need to know about Pour-Over Coffee

  • Goodbye Old-School Drip Method - Most of the coffee makers out there are going to be drip style - a single steady stream of water running through coffee grounds to make coffee. This method is fast and easy but doesn't properly extract the maximum flavor from the beans.
  • Hello Pour-Over Method - This method is more gentle and has more stages. The beans are soaked evenly with a shower of water and are given a short time to "bloom" or naturally release carbon dioxide. After blooming, another shower is poured over the grounds and then drained into the carafe container. This gets you the maximum flavor from your beans and makes a much smoother cup of coffee.

Cuisinart PurePrecision Coffee Brewer


Cuisinart Pour-Over Coffee Maker

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Best For: Sleeping in and letting your coffee maker do all the work while you lay in bed. Program the Cuisinart PurePercision to the perfect brew strength and temperature. 

Quick Specs: 8-Cup Capacity  | Programmable Timer | Glass or Stainless Carafe | 3-Year Warranty


  • SCAA Certified Home Brewer - Specialty Coffee Association of America has rigorously tested this unit, giving this Cuisinart the seal of approval for proper brewing temperature, appropriate brew time, uniform extraction, and much more
  • Programmable Wake Up - Smell coffee as soon as you crawl out of bed, program the Cuisinart to brew at a certain time with its easy to use LCD interface
  • Charcoal Filter - Purifies water before brewing your coffee grounds making for better tasting coffee
  • Large Shower Head - evenly distributes hot water over all of the coffee grounds for ultimate flavor extraction


  • If you're very particular about your coffee, the stainless steel filter can let through some very fine coffee sediment, but you can use a paper filter to solve this issue 


Design & Construction

Straight out of the distant future, with stainless steel body and back-lit LCD controls, the PurePrecision Pour-Over Coffee Brewer from Cuisinart is here to impress with its automated coffee making abilities. The best thing about the Cuisinart is its programmability. The user interface features a slick back-lit LCD with plenty of buttons to do everything from selecting the strength of your coffee to setting a wake-up timer to start brewing before you get out of bed in the morning.

Cuisinart Pourover Coffee Maker Charcoal Filter

The carbon filter takes any strange taste out of your water so you're not tasting that in your coffee.

You can fill the water tank to make up to 8-cups of pour-over style coffee. A charcoal water filter is also included to make sure the water you're making your coffee will taste good - poor tasting water makes poor tasting coffee. I really appreciate this extra step from Cuisinart because this is a feature you really only find in high-end espresso machines; it's nice to have this in a counter-top coffee maker.

The Cuisinart PurePrecision has been rigorously tested by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) earning its seal of approval for proper brewing temperature, appropriate brew time, uniform extraction and a slew of other tests. There is only a handful of coffee makers that receive this certification, so you can rest assured that you're getting a perfect cup of coffee out of the Cuisinart. 

The PurePrecision can make a perfect brew because of two features: proper water temperature and a proper coffee ground soaking method. The SCAA made sure that the Cuisinart is at the perfect temperature (using the 'hot' setting). You also need to properly soak your coffee grounds the way a barista would at the local coffee shop. To properly saturate your coffee grounds, you must do an initial gentle soak of the coffee grounds to let the coffee "bloom" or release carbon dioxide in the grounds. Too much water at once or too harsh of a stream of water will break this bloom, negatively affecting the flavor of the coffee. After a few minutes of blooming, the grounds are again gently and evenly soaked with the rest of the water that drips down into your glass carafe. This delicate process extracts the maximum coffee flavor from the beans. 

Cuisinart Pourover Coffee Maker Shower Head

The large shower head gently and evenly soaks your coffee grounds for optimal tasting coffee. 

Thanks to the large shower head design, the Cuisinart PurePrecision can achieve this perfect coffee bloom. The shower head evenly and gently soaks the coffee grounds and is programmed to pause the water flow to let the grounds bloom. After that, the second soak comes along and will dispense your pour-over coffee into the glass carafe. Cuisinart really studied how a manual pour-over cup of coffee is made and automated the process for you to get barista quality coffee in your kitchen.


Test Drive

There is some initial setup involved for the Cuisinart. First, you must prepare the charcoal water filter by giving a soak and then installing it into the machine. After that, you're ready to go and don't need to do that again until the filter needs to be replaced.

 Cuisinart Coffee Maker Permanent Filter

The permanent coffee filter is high quality and has very small holes to prevent grounds from getting into your coffee.

Filling the water tank and permanent, laser etched stainless steel filter was simple to do. The metal filter will do a good job filtering out small coffee grounds, but can still allow very fine sediment into your coffee. If you're very particular about your coffee, the metal filter allows you to use a paper filter in it for a finer filtered coffee if you wish. 

Cuisinart PourOver Coffee Maker Controls

Set a wake-up timer with Cuisinart's coffee maker. Automate your morning with freshly brewed coffee.

The LCD and button interface is simple and straightforward, easy to navigate. You can easily set the temperature of your coffee, the strength of your coffee, and/or set the timer so that your coffee maker start brewing at any time you desire.

Coffee Taste Test

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After a short wait, while the water heated and our coffee bloomed, we had a steaming pot of coffee. The flavor was smooth and deep with layers of flavor. There was no bitterness from over steeping that happens from the older style drip-coffee method. Using the Cuisinart is such an upgrade from older drip-style coffee machines that don't respect the delicate nature of fresh-ground coffee.  


Chef Austin's Final Thoughts

Cuisinart Pour Over Coffee Maker

Cuisinart is the Cadillac of electric pour-over coffee makers. It's stainless steel finish and high-quality control panel and LCD make the Cuisinart feel like a spaceship on your kitchen counter. To match its stainless steel body, the stainless steel coffee filter is equally beautiful and functional. I like that I can avoid the mess of paper coffee filters, and not have to worry about keeping filters on hand. I like tech in my kitchen and the programmability to where you can set exactly what time you want your coffee to start brewing makes my sleep-in habits happy. I saw that our ground beans were evenly soaked and passed the taste test by me and rigorous taste testing from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). I'd say the Cuisinart Pure Precision will make a great addition to your kitchen especially if you like coffee as easy and convenient as possible.

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About Chef Austin

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Chef Austin Merath is Everything Kitchen's Culinary Wizard, Kitchen-Gadget Reviewer, and New-Product Tester. He studied under chefs in College of the Ozarks' Culinary Program. It's his job to make sure you choose the kitchen tools that are right for you by testing the best we have to offer. When not cooking, Austin is tinkering with computers or exploring the Ozarks with his wife Amy. Click here for his full bio.