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Setting Up Your Brunch Buffet: A Spring Fiesta® Inspiration

By Everything Kitchens

Fiesta Buffet Ideas & Table Setting Ideas 

 Bring more than just your appetite to our Fiesta® brunch. Vibrant plates can be used to add color and height to any table.

Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and warmer weather is on the horizon! Signs of spring are popping up everywhere and you can look forward to entertaining guests in your home with beautiful, vibrant Fiesta® dinnerware fit for any occasion! Fiesta® pieces have the elegance perfect for formal settings and yet, they still have a relaxed feeling for everyday use in any casual meal. We've shared some of our tablescape ideas and hope you'll invite us over for your next get-together!

From the First Bite


Fiesta Buffet Ideas & Table Setting IdeasFiesta Buffet Ideas & Table Setting Ideas

 Fiesta®'s rainbow selection of dinnerware lets you mix and match pieces to create a beautiful table. Use tapered mugs in a creative way to hold silverware. 

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It's no big surprise people tend to eat with their eyes first especially at a buffet, potluck or dinner party – you look for familiar dishes and pretty dishes that look like they came out of a cookbook! As the host or hostess, it's your responsibility to be sure the food makes it to the table and the table is set in a way that makes sense. You wouldn't want to crowd your table with dessert options, salads, and drinks at the beginning or forget to set out plates and silverware, would you?

To make it easier for your guests, be sure to put plates at the beginning of your buffet spread and resist the urge to also place forks, knives, spoons or cups by the plates. Why wouldn't you grab your cutlery with your plate? Just think of how difficult it is to juggle a plate in one hand while trying to dish out food onto your plate and NOT drop your silverware or the awkward move of rearranging how you're holding your plate so you can hold it all? If you have people pick up their eating utensils at the end, it creates a much better flow of traffic as well as freeing up your guests' hands so they can help themselves to the tasty options with ease.

Get creative with how you offer your guests cutlery. Instead of using a silverware caddy or laying out stacks of spoons, you can grab one of your Fiesta® mugs and add your Fiesta® flatware. Showcase signature Fiesta® pieces or mix and match colors to create a vibrant setting. If you need some inspiration for color combinations, watch our "Favorite Fiesta® Dinnerware Color Combinations" video.

Now that the table is set and ready for you to scope out the food, let's grab a plate!  

Serving It Up and Dishing It Out


Fiesta Buffet Ideas & Table Setting Ideas

 If you want to add a little height to your table, combine a plate or platter on top of an overturned Fiesta® serving bowl. 

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For your brunch spread, place muffins and pastries on a large Fiesta® Oval Platter or pile on the bacon on a Fiesta® Bread Tray. While you're showcasing the main course, don't forget about the small details. Ramekins are perfect for toppings, sauces, and condiments. Placing ramekins next to the dish they go with make it easy for your guests to grab – for example, set ramekins by horseradish cream sauce next to roast beef sandwiches or by large bowls of fresh cut fruit.

Make sure you have serving utensils for each dish and keep your table clean by using a Fiesta® Spoon Rest for your serving spoons and tongs.

Specialty Fiesta® Pieces – Taking a Second Look


Fiesta Buffet Ideas & Table Setting Ideas

Use your Fiesta® Deviled Egg Tray to hold bite-sized offerings.

 Shop Fiesta® Deviled Egg Trays

Sometimes a plain plate or serving platter isn't enough or maybe you need a dish to showcase your specialty a little better. You can find Fiesta® pieces designed for deviled eggs, bread trays, crescent-shaped plates, and even skillet bakers. But did you know, you can use your Fiesta® Egg Tray for more than just eggs at Easter or any family barbecue? We've plated some chicken salad stuffed tomatoes on our tray but try using it for other bite-sized morsels like mini-potato skins, stuffed mushrooms or even some chocolate covered strawberries will look more tempting on this platter.

Stack up biscuits, bread or other pastries onto a Fiesta® Bread Tray or switch it up and use it as a veggie tray – the long narrow tray is perfect for fresh vegetable sticks and dip, fruit skewers or lettuce cups. 

Adding a Little Height to Your Table


Fiesta Buffet Ideas & Table Setting Ideas

 Square Fiesta® Luncheon Plates can also add color and height to your table.

 Shop Fiesta® Square Luncheon Plate

Give some dimension to your buffet table by using tiered servers or make your own pedestal pieces by combining bowls and plates. By adding some dishes height to your platters, you also add a little more real estate to your table for more dishes. If you're worried about using dishes for elevation, use a stack of books or small solid boxes and cover it with a tablecloth.

We used an overturned Serving Bowl to hold up our avocado toast on a Square Fiesta® Luncheon Plate.

Don't Skip Decorating the Table


Fiesta Buffet Ideas & Table Setting Ideas

For more than lemonade or tea, large Fiesta® disk pitchers make a great vase to display a bouquet of spring flowers. No worries - Fiesta® also has traditional vases.

 Shop Fiesta® Disk Pitchers

A little pop of color will brighten up any tablescape design and fresh flowers are an easy and foolproof way to decorate. Using a Disk Pitcher as a vase is a creative way to add height, dimension, and color to your table. By placing flowers in empty spaces, you'll create a more full and inviting table. If you need to use your pitchers for tea or lemonade, no worries – you can still use one of these vibrant Ceramic Flower Vases.

We hope we've inspired your next brunch buffet with our spring Fiesta® table design to be creative and think outside the box when using your Fiesta® pieces. By mixing colors and adding height, thoughtful placement of dishes for your guests and using your existing specialty plates in new ways, your next gathering will be an event to remember full of fun, laughter, and food!


About Chef Austin

About the Chef: 

Chef Austin Merath is Everything Kitchen's Culinary Wizard, Kitchen-Gadget Reviewer, and New-Product Tester. He studied under chefs in College of the Ozarks' Culinary Program. It's his job to make sure you choose the kitchen tools that are right for you by testing the best we have to offer. When not cooking, Austin is tinkering with computers or exploring the Ozarks with his wife Amy. Click here for his full bio.