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Gluten Free Cheese Taco Shells

Recipe by About Chef Austin Chef Austin


Gluten Free Taco Shells

What's better than gluten-free taco shells? Pure cheese taco shells, that are also gluten-free. With a good non-stick skillet, you can make your very own taco shells at home with a single ingredient, cheese. What more could you ask for? Cheese taco shells are also low carb, so it would be keto friendly.

Makes: 4 Serving

Prep Time: 5 minutes 

Cook Time: 15 minutes


8 oz Parmesan Cheese, fresh grated

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Step 1
Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat for 4 minutes to pre-heat. Place a ring mold into the pan and evenly sprinkle in cheese. Let cheese cook for a few minutes until golden brown.

Step 2
Carefully remove from pan with a spatula and drape over a wooden spoon that's resting on 2 canning jars. Taco shell should harden and keep their shape in about a minute. Remove and repeat with remaining cheese. 

Step 3
Fill with your favorite taco fillings and enjoy this gluten-free and low carb tortilla shell! 


About Chef Austin

About the Author: 

Chef Austin Merath is Everything Kitchen's Culinary Wizard, Kitchen-Gadget Reviewer, and New-Product Tester. He studied under chefs in College of the Ozarks' Culinary Program. It's his job to make sure you choose the kitchen tools that are right for you by testing the best we have to offer. When not cooking, Austin is tinkering with computers or exploring the Ozarks with his wife Amy. Click here for his full bio.