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How to Care for Wooden Utensils - Quick Guide

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 Wooden Spoons


How do clean wooden spoons and wooden utensils? Wooden spoons, forks, turners, and serving utensils can be rustic and attractive piece to use in your kitchen. They always look so nice when you first buy them but you’ll see that shine and smoothness start to wear away. Here’s a few simple chef tips for caring for wooden utensils that will keep them looking pristine and gorgeous.

Split Wooden Spoon

1. Don’t throw wooden utensils in the dishwasher. The harsh cleaning detergent and high heat of your dishwasher cycles will strip the beauty off of your utensils. Over time, harsh washing can lead to chips and splitting in your wood. Instead, wash with warm soapy water in the kitchen sink.

Wooden Spoon Raw Meat

2. Avoid using wood utensils on raw meat. Due to the nature of wood, there can be small crevices and cracks in your utensils that can harbor bacteria from raw meats. Instead use a heat proof silicone spatula that would be more sanitary for raw meats. If you do use wood with raw meat, pay extra attention to properly clean your wood utensil. 

Wood Utensil Oil

3. Make sure to oil your beautiful wood. After use and washing, wood can lose its smooth shiny finish. Once a month, rub down wooden spoons and utensils with a food grade mineral oil and this will keep them looking good as new.

Oiled Wood Spoon

Take care of your beautiful wooden spoons! Pick up some butcher block oil and it will last you a lifetime for wooden spoons.   



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