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Bosch and KitchenAid Features Compared (Winners in Bold Type)

Bosch Vs KitchenAid

KitchenAid Professional 600 Mixer Bosch Universal Mixer
KitchenAid Pro 600
Bosch Universal Mixer
575 watts (One of KitchenAid's Most Powerful Mixers) 800 watts
12 Color Choices White
Includes Clear Two-piece Pouring Shield Includes Anti-splash Bowl Cover
6-quart Bowl 6.5-quart Bowl
Does not offer a blender attachment Has an Optional 6-cup Blender Attachment—Blender Runs up to 13,000 RPM
Includes Flat Beater, Dough Hook, & Wire Whip. Includes Dough Hook, Wire Whips
This Mixer Outperforms the Bosch for Making Cookies This Mixer Outperforms the KitchenAid for Making Bread
This Mixer Outperforms the Bosch on Small Batches This Mixer Outperforms the KitchenAid on Large Batches
1-year Hassle-free Replacement Warranty 3-year Motor Warranty; 1-Year on Parts
Includes 6qt Stainless-steel Bowl w/Handle Includes 6.5qt Plastic Bowl (Stainless-steel Bowl can be purchased separately)
16.5" x 11.3" x 14.6" Height 11" x 15.5" x 12" (smaller wins)
Weight: 25 Pounds Weight: 15 Pounds (lighter wins)

Flour Power: 14 Cups

  • 8 Small Loaves of White Bread
  • 13 Dozen Cookies
  • 8 Pounds of Mashed Potatoes

The KitchenAid does not perform as well on large batches, but will outperform Bosch on making cookies.

Flour Power: 18 Cups

  • 6 2-pound Loaves of Whole Wheat Bread
  • 10 Dozen Cookies
  • 8 Pounds of Mashed Potatoes

Bosch will outperform the competition on large batches; saves you time in the kitchen.

The Bosch will make up to six loaves of delicious, fresh, flaky bread 90 minutes or less.

Includes Baking Recipes Includes Baking Recipes
Ten Speeds Three controlled speeds plus a momentary switch for pulse operation
Commercial-style motor protection ensures motor longevity Built-in circuit breaker protects the powerful 800-watt motor
Durable direct drive, all-steel gear transmission delivers high-performance mixing action The Universal has a sealed oil transmission for extended life
Very reliable for everyday mixing tasks More heavy-duty and reliable than almost any home mixer available. The Bosch Universal Mixer is known for outlasting the competition

KitchenAid Optional Attachments:

Bosch Optional Attachments:

KitchenAid Offers Mail-In Rebates Most Of the Year! Bosch Does Not Offer Rebates
Retail Price: 449.99 Retail Price: 419.99

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Now that you have the facts, you can decide which mixer will best fits your needs. Rest assured, however, that either of these appliances would make an excellent home mixer. If you have questions, please call our knowledgeable staff at 1-866-852-4268.