The Chef's Guide to Gravity Water Filters

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The Chef's Guide to Gravity Water Filters


If you're looking to have better-tasting, clean, and safe drinking water for you and the family, a gravity water filter is an excellent option. Harmful bacteria like e. coli and contaminants from aging city water infrastructures can compromise the quality of your water. Is your water filter rated to remove such dangerous contaminants? Check out Chef Austin's guide on what to look for in a gravity water filter.


What is a Gravity Water Filter?

 Gravity Water Filters

A gravity water filter is a water purification method that removes contaminants through a specially designed filter. These gravity water filters are typically made of two stacked tanks, the top for purifying water and the bottom for collection. You simply fill the top tank with unfiltered water then gravity pulls the water downward through the filters and drips into the collection tank. A spigot is typically on the bottom tank for easy dispensing. 


Why Would I Want a Gravity Water Filter?


These are my favorite reasons why I think a gravity water filter is a great tool to have in your household. 

Better Tasting Water - Most city water sources add chemicals like chlorine to make water safer but can sometimes cause poor tasting water. A high-quality ceramic filter filled with granulated activated carbon (GAC) found in gravity water filters like the Aqua Rain, make the water taste better. Bad tasting water leads to bad tasting food. Non-chlorinated water is essential for fermented foods and makes foods like coffee, tea, and boiled pasta taste much better compared to straight tap water.

Reduce bottled water usage - If you're buying bottled water, chances are because your water at home doesn't taste good. Save money with a gravity water filter and get great tasting water to fill in a refillable water bottle.

Safer Water - One of the best advantages to a gravity water filter is the removal of bacteria and cyst that may be present in your water. These live organisms can cause dysentery, cholera and typhoid fever; with a powerful and reliable gravity water filter, these microorganisms can be filtered out. 

Better than just carbon filters - Upgrade from the small pitcher you're continually refilling that is supposedly making "purified" water. Small carbon filters are not filtering out bacteria or cyst. A ceramic filter in the Aqua Rain gravity water filter has passed USEPA standards to remove bacteria & cyst.

No Electricity Required - Gravity water filters do not require any boiling of water or electricity to filter and purify water. This makes gravity water filters perfect for where electricity is limited like when camping or RV living, and tiny homes

Emergency Situations - If you're in a situation where potable water or electricity is not available, a gravity water filter can be used to filter raw water from a lake, stream, water from a toilet tank, and even flood water. No electricity is required for gravity water filters!


3 Things to Consider When Choosing your Gravity Water Filter


1. What Does a Gravity Water Filter Remove?

Aqua Rain Gravity Water Filter Filters - inside of filter

Many water filters will say they can reduce contaminants in your water. This language can be deceptive because any company can make claims to reduce something even if it's reduced by a very small percentage. AquaRain ceramic filters remove at least 99.9% of the three main biological organisms that cause illnesses. Those organisms are Cyst, Bacteria, and Viruses. Even the smallest organisms smaller than 0.1 microns have been shown to be removed by the Aqua Rain at the end of the filter's life*.

*End-of-life Filter Testing*

It's nice to know a water filter will remove bad contaminants from my water when its new, but what about a year later? When water filters are tested by labs, the filter company will send in a brand new filter for testing. Aqua Rain is the only gravity water filter company to have their test filters scrubbed down 10% below their End Of Life tolerance (fully expended filters, ready for disposal) and exposed to contaminated water before laboratory testing to demonstrate the safety and reliability of the AquaRain filter. This is to show that through the entire lifespan (6-13+ years in a household water's source) of each filter that the Aqua Rain will continue to keep your water safe from cysts, bacteria, viruses, and more. 

Here is a chart showing what the gravity water filter Aqua Rain removes when a new filter is installed and an end of life filter is installed:

AquaRain Water Filter Contaminant Chart

See AquaRain's Full Test Result  HERE and HERE

In every case, end-of-life AquaRain ceramic elements surpassed the stringent EPA standards for a bacteria and cyst purifier. Aqua Rain water filters will also remove other organic contaminants, metals, and chemicals that can affect the safety and taste of your water. You can be sure that the water the comes out of a quality gravity water filter like the Aqua Rain will be free of bad odors and tastes giving you the best water for both drinking and cooking!


2. How Many Gallons of Water Can it Filter?

Every gravity water filter has a different quality of filter and my water source is different than yours. These factors will determine how many gallons of water you'll be able to filter. The Aqua Rain 303 Gravity Water Filter is rated to filter up to 10,000 gallons of water from a typical household water source. Ceramic elements on some gravity water filters may say to replace after 6 months of use, while on Aqua Rain filters, there is no time limiting their lifespan.

Choosing a Gravity Water Filter - washing salad

The Aqua Rain 303 can filter approximately 10,000 gallons of water before the elements need to be replaced. I did some math: if a family of 4 uses between 2 to 4 gallons a day, then, a set of 3 filters will last between 6 to 13+ years when used with a typical water source with proper cleaning. Aqua Rain is the only gravity water filter to include an end-of-life gauge to tell you exactly when the ceramic filter is used so you can order replacements. With this tool, no guessing or counting gallons of water to try and figure out if your filter is still properly working.

3. How Often do I Need to Clean or Maintain My Gravity Water Filter? 

Having clean water shouldn't be a nuisance to take care of. Some gravity water filters require priming and re-priming of their filters and some require special storage of the filters if it is not going to be used for long periods of time. Some water filter elements can only be cleaned so many times, some even require you to peel (with a vegetable peeler) layers of the filter off to clean it properly. Research the cleaning process for the gravity water filter you are considering.

Natural Ceramic Gravity Water Filter - cleaning

The Aqua Rain water purifier filters only need to be cleaned every 6-12 months depending on your water source. The ceramic filters are beefy enough to take up to 200 cleanings. An End-of-Life gauge is also included so you may test each filter to see when the ceramic element has been used up. AquaRain ceramic filters never have to be primed either.


Chef Austin's Final Thoughts


A gravity water filter belongs in the kitchen because it's perfect for cooking. Subpar tasting tap water makes subpar tasting food, and this especially translates when you're making water-based foods. Drinks like brewed tea and coffee suffer from poor tasting water. Even when you're making a flavored simple syrup or batch of pasta - these foods really take on the flavors of your water. That's where a gravity water filter like the Aqua Rain shines - it makes large quantities of clean tasting water and also gives me the peace of mind that my water is safe to drink as well.

 Aqua Rain Gravity Water Filter System - boiling pasta



We know you're busy - you might not have time to read it all. Here are the best reasons to choose the Aqua Rain 303 as your gravity water filter: 

Highest Quality Ceramic Filters - Patented filtering technology is unmatched in terms of quality, longevity, and contaminant filtering power. 

Safe Water For Entire Filter Lifespan - The only filters that have been lab tested with fully expended filters (ready for disposal) and STILL passed USEPA standards. 

Better Tasting Water - Bad tasting water means bad tasting food and drinks. Clean tasting water from Aqua Rain is perfect for cooking and drinking.

Emergency Situations - Aqua Rain can handle extreme situations where clean water isn't available - Aqua Rain can filter water from untreated sources without electricity. Turn tap water, rainwater, and even groundwater into clean, potable water.

Filter up to 10,000 Gallons - The AquaRain 303 can potentially last from 6-13+ years on a single set of filters with typical water sources.

Know When to Replace - Aqua Rain is the only gravity water filter with an end-of-life gauge to tell you the ceramic filters are used up and are ready to be replaced.

Made in the USA - Every part of the Aqua Rain - the medical grade stainless steel, the water spigot, and the ceramic filters - are all produced in the USA.


Learn more about how the AquaRain 303 gravity water filter works in our Aqua Rain 303 Review article here.  

Aqua Rain Gravity Water Filter

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