Cranberry Eggnog Bread Recipe

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Cranberry & Eggnog Sweet Bread

Zojirushi Cranberry Eggnog Bread

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3 Large Eggs, Beaten

¼ Cup Eggnog

2 Cups (260g) Flour

1 Tbsp Baking Powder

1 Tsp Baking Soda

½ Cup Butter, melted

(198g) Cup Sugar 

½ Tsp Salt

1 Tsp Nutmeg, fresh grated

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Cup Fresh Cranberries


Eggnog Butter Sauce

½ Cup Butter

½ Cups Sugar

½ Cup Eggnog

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

½ Tsp Nutmeg, fresh grated

You will need:

Zojirushi Home Bakery Virtuoso - 2 lb Bread Machine

Cranberry Eggnog Bread Directions

Step 1
Install the kneading blades into the Zojirushi baking pan. Add the ingredients to the baking pan in the exact order listed, except for the cranberries. Install the baking pan and close the lid.

Step 2
On the bread maker, set unit to the "cake" setting and "medium" crust control. Press "start" and the bread maker will start mixing. 

Step 3
When the add beeps sound, open the lid and scrape down any flour that may be left on the side of the pan with a rubber spatula.

Step 4
Add in the cranberries and close the lid. Press the "start" button again to continue baking.

Step 5
When baking completes, allow the bread to cool, remove from pan, and slice. The cake can be served warm or at room temperature. Generously ladel over Eggnog Butter Sauce to serve. 

Eggnog Butter Sauce Directions

Step 1
In a saucepan, melt butter. 

Step 2
Stir in sugar and eggnog, and heat until sugar is melted. Do not boil. Whisk in vanilla. Serve warm sauce over the cranberry bread. Store leftover sauce in fridge, warm portions in microwave to serve at a later time.


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