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Vitamix Frequently Asked Questions

By Chef Austin

We pitted Vitamix against the Ninja blender and Blendtec Blender. Check out the video and article below:

Vitamix VS NinjaVitamix VS Blendtec

Are Vitamix presets worth it?
Presets are nice because you can press one button, walk away, and then, come back to a perfectly blended smoothie or hot soup. The presets are timed, so the blender stops blending automatically. This lets you multi-task in the kitchen and can help you in the busy mornings when making your breakfast smoothie. 

Are Vitamix pitchers interchangeable/are Vitamix blender jars universal?
Yes … and no. WithVitamix's newest Ascent series, their Self Detect technology equipped jars are all compatible with all Ascent blenders. New Ascent blender jars are not backwards compatible with older Vitamix blenders. Older blender jars are not compatible with the new Ascent series. 

Are Vitamix containers BPA free?
Yes, all Vitamix containers / blender-jars are made from BPA-free material.

Are Vitamix blenders loud?
Vitamix blenders are going to be louder than an average blender because of their multi-horsepower motor spinning the blade in the blender jar to make the smoothest smoothies or making hot soup right in the jar.

Which Vitamix is the quietest?
The Quiet One is the most quiet with a sound enclosure. The Quiet One is a commercial-grade blender, but if this is too costly for you, we recommend the Vitamix Ascent series blenders.

Why does Vitamix use a tamper?
The tamper is used to help process thicker and trickier-to-blend foods in your Vitamix. When blending, sometimes air pockets can form around the blades and the tamper can be used to break this air pocket to continue proper blending. It's also helpful pushing food back down to the blades when blending thick foods like frozen ice cream.

How do I make hot soup with Vitamix? How does Vitamix heat?
Because the high horsepower motor is spinning the blades so fast, the ingredients are heated by the friction they create in such a small space. It’s enough heat to make soup heat up to around 160°F - hot enough you'll need to blow on it first! Check out Chef Austin's Blended Hot Soup Guide for more info and a quick recipe for cheddar-broccoli soup.

How to make ice cream with Vitamix?
Believe it or not, the same way it makes hot soup. The blades spin so fast, frozen ingredients are so finely pulverized that the frozen chunks, like ice or frozen fruit, freeze the liquid around them, creating frozen deserts like ice cream. Check out Chef Austin's Ice Cream Guide for directions and recipes.

How do I make juice with my Vitamix?
Simple - just add your favorite fruits and veggies to your Vitamix to create your own custom juice creations and get the maximum amount of nutrients from your food. Chef Austin's Juicing Guide will teach you how. The Vitamix can be better than a juicer because it is a multi-purpose kitchen tool; you can make whole juice (with pulp) but also make smoothies, mill whole grains into flour, make baby food, and even make hot soup without a stove. 

Differences between wet and dry blades?
Your Vitamix will come with a "wet blade" which is going to be able to blend just about anything you make in your blender. The "dry blade" is specifically designed to mill dry ingredients like whole grains when making homemade flour. The wet blade can mill dry ingredients but the dry blade does a better job at it. So, if you are going to be making flours on a regular basis, consider investing in a dedicated dry blade blender jar.

How many watts are Vitamix blenders?
Vitamix Blenders rang from 800 watts on the personal size blenders all the way to 4.2 horsepower on higher-end and commercial models.


Are Vitamix jars dishwasher safe?
Yes, blender jars are dishwasher safe. To increase longevity, we recommend hand washing blender jars.

Where is Vitamix made?
Vitamix is designed and assembled in the USA.


Which Vitamix is good for me? Which Vitamix blender is best for me? Who needs a Vitamix?
Check out our Vitamix Overview Article to see what Vitamix has to offer and find the perfect blender for your needs. 

Who sells Vitamix accessories?
Check out our selection of Vitamix products, pick up extra blender jars and replacement parts for your kitchen.

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