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KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparsions - Silvers, Blacks, Reds, and More!

By Chef Austin

View KitchenAid mixer colors in live action on camera to get a better idea of what they look like in person. Everyone perceives colors differently and your mixer may look different in you home. The color can be affected by the sounding area and the lighting conditions. The images we have on our website are directly from KitchenAid. These images were taken with professional studio lighting - the lighting in your house will be different and will affect how your mixer looks in your own home. We videod these mixer under studio lighing and typical incondecent lights so you can see the differneces. 

These videos are meant to help you get a better idea of what your mixer may look like and is not a definitive guide of what the colors exactly look like. 

KitchenAid Color Comparison - Reds: Empire, Ruby, Cinnamon, Bordeaux, Boysenberry 




KitchenAid Color Comparison - Silvers: Metallic Chrome, Silver Metallic, Contour Silver, Pearl Metallic




KitchenAid Color Comparison - Black: Onyx, Caviar, Matte, Imperial




KitchenAid Color Change & Comparison of Guava, Crystal, Cobalt, Aqua, Onyx, Boysenberry, Cranberry



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