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KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparisons of Blues, Silvers, Blacks, Reds, Pinks, Whites & More

By About Chef Austin Chef Austin  

KitchenAid Mixer Colors

View KitchenAid mixer colors in live action on camera to get a better idea of what they look like in person. Everyone perceives colors differently and your mixer may look different in your home. The color can be affected by the sounding area and the lighting conditions. The images we have on our website are directly from KitchenAid. These images were taken with professional studio lighting - the lighting in your house will be different and will affect how your mixer looks in your own home. We recorded these mixers under studio lighting and typical incandescent lights so you can see the differences. 

These videos are meant to help you get a better idea of what your mixer may look like and is not a definitive guide of what the colors exactly look like. 

Here is a list of all current KitchenAid Artisan mixer colors: Ocean Drive, Apple Cider, Aqua Sky, Bird of Paradise, Black Violet, Blue Willow, Bordeaux, Boysenberry, Buttercup Yellow, Caviar, Cobalt Blue, Contour Silver, Copper Pearl, Cranberry, Crystal Blue, Empire Red, Espresso, Gloss Cinnamon, Green Apple, Guava Glaze, Ice Blue, Imperial Black, Ink Blue, Lavender Cream, Majestic Yellow, Matte Black, Matte Grey, Matte White, Metallic Chrome, Milkshake White, Onyx Black, Pearl Metallic, Persimmon, Pink, Pistachio, Ruby Red, Silver Metallic, Tangerine, Truffle Dust, Twilight Blue, Watermelon, White, and White on White.

There are more exclusive colors in the KitchenAid Artisan Design mixer series that you can check out here.

Check out all KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Colors HERE!

KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparison - Pinks: Silk Pink, Guava Glaze, Bird of Paradise, Cranberry, Watermelon, and Raspberry Ice  



 KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparison - Orange & Yellow Mixers: Majestic Yellow, Buttercup, Tangerine, Persimmon, Bird of Paradise



KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparison - Blue Mixers:  Ink Blue, Cobalt Blue, Blue Willow, Twilight, Blue, Sea Glass, Ocean Drive, Crystal Blue, Aqua Sky, Azure Blue, and Ice Blue



KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparison - Purple Mixers: Lavender Cream, Boysenberry, Plumberry, and Black Violet



KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparison - White Mixers: White, Almond Cream, Frosted Pearl, Milkshake Mixer, White on White, Matte White



KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparison - Red Mixers: Empire, Ruby, Cinnamon, Bordeaux, Boysenberry 



KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparison - Silver Mixers: Metallic Chrome, Silver Metallic, Contour Silver, Pearl Metallic



KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparison - Black Mixers: Onyx, Caviar, Matte, Imperial




KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparison - Earth Tone Mixers: Copper Pearl Mixer, Champagne Gold, Espresso Mixer, Apple Cider Mixer, Satin Copper Mixer, Truffle Dust Mixer


KitchenAid Mixer Color Comparison - Green Mixers: Green Apple, Pistachio, Sea Glass




KitchenAid Mixer Color Change & Comparison of Guava, Crystal, Cobalt, Aqua, Onyx, Boysenberry, Cranberry



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